ThisWon, Otto, Fareness, and other apps to check out this weekend

Apps to check out this weekend

Looking for a new app or game to help pass the time over the long Memorial Day weekend? iDB is here to help. In the latest edition of our Apps of the Week roundup, you’ll find a social networking app for polling friends and family, a podcast discovery app, a unique travel app, and two awesome new games.



Have trouble making decisions like where to go on vacation, or which shoes to buy? You need to check out ThisWon. ThisWon is a social platform where users can pose a question to their friends and family and receive instant feedback. You can post photo-based or text-based polls, and users can respond with a single-tap vote or give longer replies. Like all social networks, ThisWon’s usefulness to you will depend on who else in your circle is using it, but it seems like it might be worth checking out. This app is available for free.



Otto is an app that helps you discover news and podcasts based on your interests. Think Pandora for podcasts. It uses your interests and listening habits to find stories you’ll be interested in. At the push of a button, you can get a list of broadcasts tailored to your tastes and preferred length. For right now, Otto is available at no cost and there are no ads (outside of native podcast ads). This app is available for free.



There’s no shortage of travel bargain hunting apps in the App Store, but few of them work like Fareness. Fareness breaks down travel deals by date and destination, so you don’t have to manually perform numerous searches with varying dates to find the best price. You just tell the app how long you want your trip to be, give it an idea of where you want to go (or select Popular Destinations), and let it do the work. Flight fare data is pulled from licensed sources for hundreds of millions of flights. Fareness is available for free.



Here is a gorgeous-looking game called Numito. It’s described as a mix of number and word puzzles, that comes with daily and weekly challenges. In the Letters Round, create up to 3 words with the given set of random numbers. In the Numbers Round, you’ll have to solve the puzzle to get the correct number. Numito also lets you take your friends and enemies on in a multiplayer mode, courtesy of Game Center. This game is available for free.

Hatoful Boyfriend


The visual novel-turned-hit-PC game is now available on iOS. For those unfamiliar with the title, you play as the only human student in a school for talented birds. You chat with birds of every feather from narcoleptic school instructors to pigeon biker gangs on your way to flirty encounters potential suitors that set your hear aflutter. I know it sounds weird, but this is apparently an extremely popular game. So if you’re up for trying something new and different this weekend, this seems like a solid option. Hatoful Boyfriend is available for $4.99.

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