1Password for Mac gains new browser support, anchored Large Type window and more


Developer AgileBits today released a new version of its popular password manager in the Mac App Store, 1Password for Mac.

Available to existing users at no additional charge, “The Passion Project” update bumps 1Password to version 6.3, bringing out support for an additional three browsers along with an enhanced Large Type feature, which now lives in a draggable window of its own, and a few minor VoiceOver enhancements.

Grab the update for free if you already have the app, or buy 1Password for Mac for $64.99 on the Mac App Store.

Three new browsers

If you use 1Password on a daily basis, you’re probably reliant on its useful browser extension. In addition to the existing 1Password extensions for Apple’s Safari, Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox browser, 1Password 6.3 introduces support for the Vivaldi, Brave and Opera developer browsers.

“Vivaldi aims to be the most customizable of browsers (and is it ever!), Brave is focused on security and privacy and Opera developer is for those who love to live on the edge,” said Agilebits.

Large Type

Introduced in 1Password 5.4 for Mac, the Large Type feature became an instant fan favorite. With Large Type, any password can be shown on your Mac’s display in a very large type, so that it’s easier to read, especially if you have a high-resolution external display connected to your Mac.


In 1Password 6.3, Large Type no longer appears as an on-screen overlay and is now a window which can be anchored so that you can click elsewhere without it disappearing. Simply drag the window and it will become an anchored window that won’t disappear until you close it or lock your vault.

New VoiceOver features

Visually impaired users or people with hearing loss can now use 1Password more easily than before thanks to expanded support for VoiceOver navigation, especially when moving between the sidebar, item list and item details.

A slew of additional improvements and fixes are available, too. The full list of improvements in this edition of the app can be read in 1Password 6.3 release notes on the Flexibits website.

Pricing and availability

1Password for Mac is $64.99 on the Mac App Store. The iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Apple Watch edition of 1Password is available on the App Store on a freemium basis, with optional In-App Purchases to unlock advanced features.