Talkshow, Stuttr, Swish and other apps to check out this weekend

It’s been kind of a crazy week. Apple reported not-so-impressive numbers during its Q2 earnings call on Tuesday afternoon, and that dominated the headlines for the past 4 days. So for those looking to unwind this weekend, we’ve put together a list of great apps and games for you to check out.


What is Talkshow? The developers say it’s texting in public. “If you can text, you can host a Talkshow…and anyone can tune in.” The app allows you to begin a Talkshow where your followers can tune in, like your messages, send reactions and even ask to join you as a co-host. I can see this being useful during a big sporting event, or election, and it seemed to gain some traction during Apple’s earnings call on Tuesday. This app is available for free.


Stuttr is a unique video-editing app that allows you to “time-shift” your videos back and forth, so you can make your clips bounce to the beat of the music. All you have to do is import a video from your Camera Roll, choose your own music or something from Stuttr’s library, and use the Stutter button to shift your video back and forth. Once it’s complete, you can then send your creation out to the world. This app is available for free.


Deemed by some as the “Spotify for sports clips,” Swish puts sports highlights, scores and stats instantly at your fingertips. The app scrapes the web to bring you the top sports GIFs and video clips from across the web, organized by game and situation. Every highlight has a context, every play has a purpose. This is a must-see for any sports fan. Clips come from the NFL, NBA and NHL, with more leagues coming soon. This app is available for free.

War Tortoise


What if I told you there was a game in which you take control of a tortoise tank that was armed to the teeth with powerful weapons? Well there is, and it’s called War Tortoise. The game combines gameplay styles from several genres including shooter, idle and tower defense, to provide an experience anyone can enjoy. Other features include incredible 3D graphics, large scale battles and various customization options. This game is available for free.



lli is a polished one-button platform puzzler. Playing as illi, you’ll make gravity-defying jumps through portals of strange worlds in an effort to collect as many light crystals as possible. Each new unique world introduces new mechanics, traps and obstacles, which will make each level a bigger and more difficult task than the last. This game is available for free.

More apps you should check out:

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