Add artistic flair to your photos with Filters, a free Mac app with 30 effects

Filters for Photos Oil Paint Mac screenshot 001

Like the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, the Mac supports third-party extensions inside Apple’s stock Photos app.

This potentially powerful capability makes it simple for Mac owners to touch up their photographs using compatible third-party filters without leaving Photos.

Filters, a new app from California-based MacPhun, boosts your photography with as many as thirty artistic and creative filters.

You can use Filters either as a Photos extension or run the software standalone in case you prefer to edit your images outside of Photos.

With this free of charge app, you can add sketch, analog, vintage and many other filters to your photos—in real time, with a single click, inside an attractive user interface.

To access Filters inside Photos as an extension, first double click an image in Photos. Now click the Edit button and then select Extensions.

MAcPhun Filters for Photos Mac screenshot 002

A pop-up menu should appear, listing all Photos extensions that are installed on your Mac. Simply select “Filters for Photos” to bring up the Filters user interface.

If Filters is unlisted, go to System Preferences → Extensions, click Photos in the lefthand column and tick the box next to Filters for Photos, as shown below.

MAcPhun Filters for Photos Mac screenshot 001

Filters should now be available as an image-editing extension within Photos.

A powerful Photos extension

The included filters have switches and sliders so you’ll be able to customize their appearance and intensity. It’s especially cool that the software includes a masking brush, which makes it easy to apply any effect to just a portion of your image.

Filters for Photos Selective Brush Mac screenshot 001

Advanced capabilities such as live effect previews and the ability to mix filters are part of the deal, too—something you’d be hard-pressed to find in free apps. Additional features like exporting to Adobe and MacPhun apps and built-in social media sharing buttons are available to those who’d run Filters as a standalone app rather than a Photos extension.

MAcPhun Filters for Photos Mac screenshot 003

No matter if you use Filters as a Photos extension or standalone, you’ll be able to instantly access fifteen filters completely free of charge. In order to unlock the remaining fifteen filters, simply launch the app and sign up for the email newsletter.

Artistic filters for your photos

Check out a few examples of some of the filters available in this app/extension.

Filters for Photos Glow and Share Mac screenshot 001
Glow and Share

Filters for Photos MidWay Mac screenshot 001

Filters for Photos Atlantic Beach Mac screenshot 001
Atlantic Beach

Filters for Photos Color Rainbow Mac screenshot 001
Color Rainbow

Filters for Photos Sketch Mac screenshot 001

Filters for Photos Ancinet Canvas Mac screenshot 001
Ancient Canvas

The Oil Paint filter is pictured top of post.

Third-party filters in Photos

Those who prefer the Filters extension over the standalone app should keep in mind that third-party Photos extensions do not necessarily support non-destructive editing like the built-in effects and editing tools do.

MacPhun, the brains behind this app, also makes FX Photo Studio, Aurora HDR and many other fine image-editing apps for the iPhone, iPod touch, iPad and Mac.

Pricing and availability

Filters for Photos requires a Mac with OS X Yosemite or later and, of course, the bundled Photos app from Apple. As mentioned, the app can be used as a Photos extension or standalone software.

Grab Filters for Photos direct from the MacPhun website or download it from the Mac App Store.