Glimpse what’s coming up next on your schedule with 3D Touch in Calendar

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In addition to Reminders, Calendar is another stock app on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad designed to help users organize their daily, weekly and yearly schedule and be more productive.

With 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus, it’s easier to accomplish things with fewer taps.

Though not as developed as in other stock apps, Calendar’s 3D Touch implementation permits you to add an event from the Home screen and glimpse what’s coming up next on your schedule. In this tutorial, you will learn about 3D Touch shortcuts and Peek and Pop gestures in iOS 9’s Calendar app on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

Add an event from the Home screen

Press Calendar’s Home screen icon and select Add Event in the 3D Touch shortcut menu, which will take you to the New Event screen within Calendar. The shortcut menu does not provide any other option nor does it surface any of your upcoming events or those that you have edited most recently.

iOS 9 Calendar 3D Touch Home screen shortcuts iPhone 6s screenshot 001

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Preview events

In weekly, daily or list view (shown below), press any event lightly to preview it with 3D Touch. While peeking, slide the finger upward to reveal the Delete Event option to quickly remove and delete the selected event from your calendar.

iOS 9 Calendar 3D Touch preview events iPhone 6s screenshot 005

Press a little harder to see your event full screen complete with a map of its location, if any, and other details. To edit the event, tap the Edit button.

iOS 9 Calendar 3D Touch preview events iPhone 6s screenshot 006

Tip: To quickly access your weekly calendar, just rotate your device sideways. 3D Touch works in landscape mode so you can press an event to take a peek at it, and swipe up to access additional options.

iOS 9 Calendar 3D Touch preview events iPhone 6s screenshot 007

Though it isn’t possible to preview a single past, current or upcoming event in yearly or monthly calendar view, you can glimpse your schedule for any given day in monthly and list views, as explained further below.

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Peek at a day’s events

To quickly see a day’s events with 3D Touch, press a date in monthly calendar view to peek at that day’s schedule. You cannot swipe up while peeking at an event to show actions but press a little deeper and the event list opens full screen.

iOS 9 Calendar 3D Touch preview events iPhone 6s screenshot 003

For an even faster previewing, turn on Calendar’s handy list view by tapping the List button in monthly or daily view (it’s to the left of the magnifying glass icon).

Signing off, you can also peek and slide up to accept or decline a calendar invite.

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