How to show week numbers in Calendar app on iPhone and Mac

Apple’s Calendar app for the iPhone, iPad, and Mac does a fine job in helping organize your schedule and making your more productive.

Like many other people, I like to browse my calendars with week numbers enabled as this helps me better understand my events and tasks for the month.

The Calendar app does not show week numbers by default, but don’t you worry—this tutorial will teach you how to enable display of week numbers in your calendar views across iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices.

How to show week numbers in Calendar for iPhone and iPad

1) On your iPhone or iPad, go to Settings → Calendars.

2) Flip the switch labeled Week Numbers to the ON position.

View week numbers in Calendar app for iPhone and iPad

This will enable display of week numbers in the monthly calendar. Week numbers are not available in Day and Year views on Calendar for iOS.

How to show week numbers in Calendar for Mac

Don't show week number in Calendar for Mac

1) Launch the Calendar app on your Mac.

2) Select Preferences in the Calendar menu.

3) Click the Advanced tab.

4) Tick the box next to “Show week numbers”.

Show week number in calendar on mac

This will enable week numbers in Calendar’s Week, Month and Year views.

View week numbers in Mac's Calendar app

Despite the fact that week numbers are unavailable in the Calendar web app at, I like having that setting enabled on iOS and macOS.

At any rate, it’s far better to visually determine what week number of the year any date falls on than having to count the weeks manually like an animal.

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