How to take photos while recording a video on iPhone

You can also take pictures while recording a video on your iPhone without stopping the recording. This brief tutorial shows you how.

Taking picture iPhone

How to take pictures while shooting a video

All recent iPhones can take pictures while recording video. Here’s how:

1) Launch the Camera app on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

2) Swipe your way to the video shooting mode.

3) Start recording a clip by tapping the red record Video button at the bottom of the interface. You can also press either volume button to start recording.

4) While recording, tap the white button to take pictures. The screen will blink whenever you capture a still during video capture.

Take picture while shooting video on iPhone

You can tap the Take Picture button during a single recording session as many times as you like in order to take multiple photos.

Similarly, you can also take pictures while shooting a Slo-Mo video. The steps are the same. However, you can’t shoot pictures while taking a Time-Lapse. If you must have a snapshot while taking a Time-Lapse, you can grab a screenshot (but it will have the other camera elements showing on the picture).

The images you take while recording a video won’t match the quality and dimensions of the standard picture you shoot in normal photo mode. Even if you change the video quality to the maximum, it doesn’t positively affect the images taken while recording a video.

How’s this useful?

I use this feature quite a lot on my devices. Whenever an interesting moment presents itself for a second or two during a video capture session, I hit the white Take Picture button without thinking twice.

It’s much better to snap a photo this way — albeit at a bit lower resolution than your iPhone’s camera typically allows — versus missing that perfect shot altogether or having to find and export a blurry still from the video at a later stage.

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