28 new jailbreak tweaks showcased on video

28 new tweaks

The pace of jailbreak tweak releases is still fairly high, even a month after the iOS 8.3/8.4 jailbreak. In this latest video, I showcase 28 new jailbreak tweaks.

The tweaks range from app backgrounding tweaks, to Apple Music tweaks, to volume HUD tweaks. There’s a large variety shown off in this latest video. Take a look, and see what you may have missed.

Warning: do not install Lock Saver Free, which is featured in this video. It contains a trojan. See this post for more details.

Here are all of the tweaks covered in this video:

  • ABCopyTXT: lets you copy text in Alien Blue (free)
  • AfterLock: automate Activator actions after locking (free)
  • AlertClose: displays additional options when force closing apps (free)
  • BatteryFlow: customize iOS low battery alerts (free)
  • CirDock: customize your iPhone’s dock ($1.00)
  • ControlPane: Merges iOS settings into one view ($0.99)
  • Cydia Impactor: un-jailbreak your iOS device (free)
  • DelayVolChange: make volume changing more consistent (free)
  • DockBar for iPhone (iOS 8): add an app launcher to the side of your screen ($0.99)
  • Do Not Phase: change the moon phase on Do Not Disturb icon (beta) http://apt.fritztech.net/
  • Dissident: true app backgrounding and multitasking ($2.99)
  • Elite – Free – changes recent call log color based on type of call (free)
  • FastLoading: disables rebuilding of app icon caches for faster Cydia loading (free)
  • I See Stars II: view star ratings in music app playlist tables (free)
  • Lock Saver Free: auto turn off power hungry features on device lock (free) Don’t install this. It contains a trojan. See this post for more details.
  • LyricsForMusic: add lyrics to Apple Music (free)
  • NCFloater: scale down Notification Center and add a custom corner radius (free)
  • nobar+: browse Cydia in full screen mode (free – review)
  • NoMiniIconGrid: remove mini icon grid from Home screen folder view (free)
  • NoExploring: removes the explore tab from the App Store (free)
  • Roundification: add rounded corners to NC, banners, CC, and more (free)
  • ShowAllCydiaUpdates: Forces Cydia to have Show All Changes toggled on for every package (free)
  • SlimBars: slim down navigation bars (free)
  • ThinnerBanners: removes the grabber from banners and the space it occupies (free)
  • TranslucentCydia: add translucent install page to Cydia (free – review)
  • WeatherPeek: Have a peek at the upcoming weather forecast ($1.99)
  • WatchDog Lite: add app backgrounding to iOS (free)
  • WhitelistSwitcher: clean up the App Switcher by whitelisting apps ($0.99)

Which tweak is your favorite from this week’s video? My personal vote would probably have to be Cydia Impactor, but that’s almost unfair given the gravity of the tweak.

Sound off down below in the comments section with your thoughts on these latest releases.