How to add translucence to the Cydia install screen


After Cydia was updated to version 1.1.19, the floodgates were opened to all sorts of tweaks to modify the Cydia experience. Some tweaks added new functionality to Cydia, such as SwipeForMore, one of my favorite new releases to touch down in some time. Other tweaks, like TranslucentCydia, take a different approach and simply aim to change the look of Cydia.

TranslucentCydia 2

As stated by developer Same Stone, TranslucentCydia aims to “prettify the Cydia installation screen”. It does so by mixing in the Home screen wallpaper with a translucent Cydia install page background.

After installation of TranslucentCydia, there are no options to configure. Once you respring and try installing another app or tweak from Cydia, you’ll simply notice the different background on the installation page.

To the developer’s credit, the installation screen, which was just a plain black screen before with white text, does look more appealing with its blurred image of the Home screen.

TranslucentCydia is available free of charge on the BigBoss repo. What do you think about visual Cydia tweaks like this? Would you consider installing it?