How to set and manage alarms on Apple Watch

Apple Watch Set Alarm

The Alarm app may seem like a fairly insignificant app, but like other time-based apps on Apple Watch, you might find that it’s a bit deeper than it appears on the surface. Not only is it capable of setting standard alarms, but it integrates with Siri, and can be featured on several watch faces. Learn more about the Alarm app on Apple Watch by reading this full walkthrough.

How to set an alarm with Siri

One of the easiest ways to set an alarm on your Apple Watch is with Siri. After invoking Siri, simply state something like “set an alarm for 6 am,” and Siri will create an alarm for you.

Setting alarms with the Alarm app on Apple Watch

The Apple Watch features a dedicated Alarm app that makes it easy for you to set alarms. Launch the Alarm app, and you will see a listing of all of the current alarms that you have created on your Apple Watch.

New Alarm Apple Watch

To establish a new alarm, Force Touch the screen and the New button will appear. Tap the New button and use the available fields for Change Time, Repeat, Label, and Snooze to customize the alarm to your liking.

New Alarm Apple Watch 2

The Change Time field presents an analog clock interface that allows you to set the hour and minutes using the Digital Crown. You’ll also notice an AM and PM button in each top corner for establishing time of day, if applicable.

Once finished, swipe back, or press the Digital Crown.

How to enable or disable an alarm

You can quickly turn an alarm on or off by launching the Alarm app, and flipping the switch the resides next to the alarm time.

Turn off Alarm apple watch

You can also enable or disable an alarm by means of Siri. Just invoke Siri and say something like “turn on my 9 o’clock alarm” or “disable my 4:50 alarm”.

How to adjust an alarm

To adjust an alarm, simply launch the Alarm app, and tap the alarm that you wish to adjust. Once you do, you’ll see the fields for Change Time, Repeat, Label, and Snooze. Adjust any of the fields to your liking, and press the Digital Crown or swipe back to submit the changes.

How to delete an alarm

To delete an alarm, launch the alarm app and tap once on the alarm that you want to delete. Scroll to the bottom of the Edit Alarm page using a swipe gesture, or use the Digital Crown to navigate to the bottom of the page. Once there, tap the Delete button and the alarm will be immediately deleted.

Apple Watch Delete Alarm

If you have a lot of alarms configured, and you wish to get rid of them all, deleting them one by one can be a tedious affair. Instead, let Siri do the heavy lifting for you. Invoke Siri and say “delete all of my alarms” and you will be prompted to confirm your wishes. Once you tap Confirm, all of the alarms will be deleted automatically.

Apple Watch Delete All of my Alarms

How to add an upcoming alarm to your watch face

It’s easy to add a complication for an upcoming alarm directly on your watch face, assuming you have a watch face that features that ability. Please follow our watch face customization tutorial to learn how to add an alarm and other complications to your watch face. Keep in mind that the alarm complication will only display the closest upcoming alarm. Once that time passes, it will show the next closest upcoming alarm, and so on.

Apple Watch Alarm Complication

One other thing that I should mention is that tapping on an alarm complication will take you straight to the Alarm clock app on your Apple Watch. This is a good way to quickly navigate to the Alarm app without having to go back to the Home screen.

How to snooze or dismiss alarms on Apple Watch

Once you alarm sounds, you may see two options, depending on how you have your alarm configured. If you have snooze enabled for the alarm, you’ll see both a Snooze and Dismiss button once the alarm sounds and the interface appears on screen.

Apple Watch Snooze Alarm

If you press the Snooze button, the alarm interface will disappear and you’ll be taken back to the watch face. Snooze is good for nine minutes.

If you have a complication set up for your alarms, you’ll see the alarm info replaced by a snooze countdown timer. The snooze timer will count down from nine minutes to help you gauge how much longer you have to snooze before the alarm goes off again. It’s a nice little detail that makes it worth having an alarm complication on your watch face.

Apple Watch Snooze Complication

If, instead, you decide to dismiss your alarm, the alarm will silence and turn off. Keep in mind that if you have snooze disabled for a particular alarm, then dismissal is your only option. You can either tap the Dismiss button, or press the Digital Crown to dismiss.

Apple Watch Alarm No Snooze

Like other time-based apps on Apple Watch, the Alarm app is fairly deep and contains a significant level of Siri integration and watch face integration. It proves, once again, that the Apple Watch is one of the best digital time pieces out there.

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