Nightstand Mode Apple WatchYour Apple Watch can be used as a bedside time-telling piece. This function, known as Nightstand Mode, is intended to give your Apple Watch a purpose even when you’re not wearing it by letting you use it to tell the time when it’s charging on a dock.

Nightstand Mode works when the Apple Watch is in landscape orientation, so it doesn’t work with every dock, but in this tutorial, we’ll show you how to turn the feature on.

With Nightstand Mode turned on, your Apple Watch will display the time in the following format whenever it’s connected to a power source in landscape orientation:

Nightstand Mode Apple Watch

Nightstand Mode doesn’t stay on continuously, instead your Apple Watch falls asleep after a set amount of seconds (about 30).

You can wake it up again by simply touching the display or pressing the side button or digital crown while it’s docked and you’ll be able to see the time again, then your Apple Watch will fall asleep once more after the timeout period. Apple also says you can wake your watch up by nudging the watch or the table it’s sitting on, so motion also plays a role in waking it up.

For anyone that uses alarms to get up in the morning, Nightstand Mode works great with these too. Your Apple Watch will emit the alarm when your alarm is set to go off and the green text turns yellow while the alarm is going off. You can silence the alarm by using the side button to turn it off or the digital crown to snooze it.

If this is something you’d like to use on your Apple Watch, or if you would like to disable it, then follow one of the two methods below.

Turning Nightstand Mode on or off from your iPhone

The fastest way to turn Nightstand Mode on without fidgeting with settings on a tiny screen is to simply use your iPhone’s Watch app. To do it, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Watch app on your iPhone.

Enable Nightstand Mode for Apple Watch from iPhone

2) Open the General preferences pane.

3) Scroll down and toggle on the Nightstand Mode switch.

And now you’re all set; Nightstand Mode has been enabled and will function whenever you charge your Apple Watch in landscape position.

To turn Nightstand Mode off, you can follow these once again, except this time turn the switch to the off position instead.

Turning Nightstand Mode on or off from your Apple Watch

If your iPhone is out of reach, you can accomplish this task directly from your Apple Watch instead. To do that, follow these steps:

1) Launch the Settings app on your Apple Watch.

Enable Nightstand Mode on Apple Watch

2) Scroll down and open the General preferences pane.

3) Scroll down and open the Nightstand Mode preferences pane.

4) Toggle on the Nightstand Mode switch.

With the feature turned on, it should work the very next time you connect your Apple Watch to a power source and rotate it into landscape orientation.

You can also turn Nightstand Mode off by going through steps 1-3 above and turning the switch to the off position instead.

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