This $0.05 hack makes Apple’s MagSafe charger incredibly better

magsafe attached to back of iPhone

One of the surprise announcements at the iPhone 12 event was the return of MagSafe, albeit under a different form and purpose. Now available as an entirely new line of products, MagSafe accessories take advantage of embedded magnets to make connecting your device to a case, charger, stand, etc, a breeze.

The first MagSafe accessory to be available was the MagSafe charger, a $39 charging solution consisting of a cable and a charging puck, similar in essence to the Apple Watch charger.

Apple must bundle a power adapter with iPhone models sold in the Brazilian state of São Paulo

With the introduction of the latest iPhone 12 family, Apple has officially stopped including a power brick and its EarPods earphones in iPhone boxes “as part of our efforts to reach our environmental goals”. But it appears as if the Cupertino giant might be required to include a power adapter with every iPhone sold in the Brazilian state of São Paulo.

Apple says MagSafe Duo and iPhone 12 Leather Sleeve are coming soon, priced at $129 each

As the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro Max and HomePod mini went on sale earlier this morning, Apple's online store revealed that the MagSafe Duo charger and Apple's first-party leather sleeve for the latest phones are coming soon, priced at $129 each. The Cupertino technology giant previously stated that both accessories would be coming "at a later stage" so this change in wording might imply that a launch could be imminent.

Fast-charging your iPhone 12 requires Apple’s new $19 20W USB-C charger, sold separately

Want to fast-charge your iPhone 12 with Apple's discontinued 18W power adapter that you previously used for fast-changing your older iPhone? Not so fast — that 18W charger that came in the box with your iPhone 11/iPad Pro won't fast-charge the latest iPhone 12 lineup. For that, you'll need Apple's new 20W charger which must be purchased separately for $19 a pop.