safari bookmarks on mac iPhone ipad

One of the useful features of iCloud is that it allows you to synchronize your bookmarks between your Mac and iPhone. In fact, the cloud service can be used to sync bookmarks between any iCloud-compatible Apple product without much effort. For our beginners out there, we’ve prepared this guide on how to sync bookmarks between Mac, iPhone and iPad using Safari. Read ahead for the step-by-step instructions… 

How to sync Safari bookmarks over iCloud on iPhone or iPad

1) Open your Settings and select your Apple ID at the top.

2) Tap iCloud.

Access Safari in iCloud iPhone

3) Make sure that Safari is toggled on. The switch will be green.

How to sync Safari bookmarks over iCloud on Mac

4) On your Mac, click on the Apple menu in the Menu Bar, and select System Preferences.

5) Click on iCloud.

sync icloud safari bookmarks mac iphone

6) Make sure that Safari is selected, as seen on this screenshot above.

After following these steps, bookmarks you create in Safari on your iPhone should appear on your Mac and vice versa. As you can tell, the only process involved in syncing bookmarks between your Mac and iPhone is ensuring that you have iCloud enabled for Safari on both devices. This how to is based on iOS  and macOS, meaning that it is subject to change as future software versions are released.

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