How to add Favorites in Safari on iPhone, iPad and Mac

This tutorial shows you how to add websites to the Favorites section of your Safari browser on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. The sites added to Favorites appear on Safari Start Page, making them quicker to open.

Favorites in Safari

Safari Bookmarks vs Favorites

Using bookmarks is handy for saving websites that you visit regularly or want to reference in the future. But Safari also offers a Favorites feature that lets you visit your most loved websites with a tap or a click.

Your Favorites will show up when you open Safari, a new tab, or a new window. You can change this in Safari’s settings. However, using the Favorites feature lets you go directly where you want to each day.

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If you’re new to this feature, here’s how to add Favorites in Safari in iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

How to add Favorites in Safari on iPhone and iPad

It’s very easy to add a website to your Safari Favorites on your iOS device. Open the website you want as a favorite, and then do the following:

  1. Tap the share button on the bottom.
  2. Select Add to Favorites.
  3. On the next screen, you can change the display name for the site if you like. Finally, tap Save.
Add to Favorites in Safari on iPhone

Manage your Favorites on iOS

To manage your Favorites on iPhone and iPad, open Safari and tap the Bookmarks button. Go to the Favorites folder and tap the Edit button. From there, you can delete or rearrange Favorites. To edit a specific site, tap it, and you can change its display name or move it to a different folder.

Manage Favorites in Safari on iPhone

How to add Favorites in Safari on Mac

Safari favorites sync among all your Apple devices. So, if you added a favorite on your iPhone or iPad, it will show up on your Mac, too, and vice versa.

That being said, you have four different ways to add websites to your Favorites in Safari on Mac. Use whichever is most convenient for you.

Use the share button

  1. Open the web page you wish to add to Safari Favorites and click the share button.
  2. Click Add Bookmark.
  3. Click the Bookmarks dropdown menu and choose Favorites.
  4. Finally, click Add.
Add Favorite using share button in Safari on Mac

Use the one-step add button

Put your cursor over the left side of the address bar until you see the plus sign (+). Click and hold the plus sign and then choose Favorites from the dropdown list.

One-step Favorites add button in Safari on Mac

Drag the URL to Favorites

  1. Click the show sidebar icon and click Bookmarks > Favorites.
  2. Place your mouse pointer on the website URL in the address bar and drag it to the Favorites section in the sidebar.
Drag URL to Favorites in Safari Sidebar on Mac

Use multitasking window to add to Favorites

  1. Open Safari and visit the desired site. Now, press Command + N to open a new Safari window.
  2. Open both Safari windows in Split View. To do this, press your mouse pointer on the tiny green button and choose Tile Window to Left or Right of Screen.
  3. Once you have two Safari windows in Split View, place the mouse pointer on the URL in the address bar and drag it to the Favorites section of the Start Page in the second Safari window.
Use split view to add to Favorites in Mac's Safari

Manage your Favorites on Mac

You can manage your Favorites on Mac in the Favorites folder in the sidebar, your Favorites toolbar, or your Favorites page. Drag to rearrange, right-click or hold Control and click to rename, delete, edit the address, or create a new folder for a favorite.

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