How to save all open Safari tabs as bookmarks on iPhone and iPad

Have you ever been researching something in Safari on iPhone or iPad and wanted to save the links for all of those open tabs? Sure, you can bookmark each one individually, but that’s a tedious task that takes longer than it should. If you follow the steps below, you can save significant time by bookmarking all open Safari tabs in just a few taps.

Two iPhone screenshots showing how to save all open Safari tabs as bookmarks in just a few taps

Save all open tabs in Safari on iPhone or iPad

With Safari open along with the tabs you want to save, just follow these steps to bookmark those links as a group:

1) Tap and hold the Bookmark button (open book icon) at the top on iPad or bottom on iPhone.

2) Select Add Bookmarks for [number] Tabs.

Add Bookmarks for Tabs Safari iPadOS

3) This will create a new folder for those tabs. So, give your folder a name and select the location.

4) Select Save.

Save Folder for Tabs Safari iPadOS

Done and done!

This new feature really is a handy one for those who open multiple tabs in Safari and want to keep them all.

For someone who needs to save handfuls of bookmarks, this is a terrific feature for Safari on iOS and iPadOS and a true time-saver.

What are your thoughts on this new feature? Is it one you’ve been waiting for as well? Feel free to share what you think about it in the comments below.

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