Wallpapers of the week: one year anniversary edition

New wallpaper iOS 7

Looking back, we have come a long way over the past 52 weeks. Beginning the section, we were featuring specific artists on a weekly basis. This phase generated great exposure for potentially unknown talent. However, as time progressed, it became clear that just grabbing the best walls on the web would be the best option based on reader feedback.

The idea began after the first evasi0n walls were launched on iDB, receiving more than 30,000 collective downloads, and even boasting top spot on a Forbes article, which heralded the great work of the evad3rs. Once Sebastien and I decided to go with the weekly feature, we were excited to see the first post of iOS 7-ready wallpapers receive 237 tweets and 230 Facebook likes. With a shockingly aggressive start, the feature earned its right to remain.

Through the last year a few theme-based trends, movie wallpapers, sunny days, and holidays were all highlighted. Don’t forget about our Apple announcement walls, which always make a splash. Within the post, we pick our top wallpapers from the past year, highlight some great user submitted images, and forge on toward the next 52 weeks…

Anniversary Top 10

The following images are provided in no particular order, but are, in our opinion, some of the best featured wallpapers to date. As always, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.

Colourwall iPad 1 splash

“Colourwall” by @DazCoates: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c

WOTW Apple Logo splash

Download: iPad

warm in cold wotw splash

Download: iPhone 5/s/c

Steve Words Frenchitouch wallpaper splash

Steve Tribute by @FrenchiTouch: Desktop; iPad; iPhone 5/s/c

Anxanx Borealis Splash 2

“Maligne Sky” by Anxanx: iPhone 5/s/c

Sunset-AR7-splash 2

Download by @AR72014: iPhone 5/s/c

Splash Color 5c Svink Splash

Download by @Svink77: iPhone 5/s/c – White Lock/Home screen – Black Lock/Home screen

wotw parallax jordan huxley splash

Download by @jrdnhxly: iPhone 5/s/c; alternate color variations

starred sky wallpaper splash wotw

Download: Left iPhone/iPad; Right iPhone/iPad

WOTW Super Hero splash

Download: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c – Hero Pack 1; Pack 2

Reader Submissions Top 10

About halfway through the year, many readers began showing off their favorite wallpapers in the comment section. Below are some of the best images we found after scouring through the articles. To qualify, we also considered the votes on individual comment posts.

Wallpaper iDB droplet splash

Download created by leart: iPhone 5/s/c with iDB logowithout logo

wallpaper grass moon splash

Download submitted by TeChNoStyLeZ: iPhone 5/s/c

Wallpaper snow mountain galaxy splash

Download submitted by Thiago Vaccaro: iPhone 5/s/c 

Wallpaper Airplane splash

Download submitted by David Gitman: iPhone 5/s/c

Wallpaper Red Galaxy splash

Download submitted by Taf Khan: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c

Wallpaper beach sunset splash

Download submitted by Jonathan: iPhone 5/s/c

Wallpaper mountain valley splash

Download submitted by Straw Hat: iPhone 5/s/c

Wallpaper blurred triangles splash

Download submitted by The Deep: iPhone 5/s/c

Wallpaper pier lake splash

Download submitted by justme: iPad

Wallpapter water droplet splash

Download submitted by Techno Ventures: iPhone 5/s/c

Happy Anniversary Wallpapers of the Week

To celebrate our anniversary, we have all the trimmings for a party: cake; ice cream; balloons; ribbon; and party people. Just click each image to download for your iPhone 5/s/c and join the celebration. Clearly, there is cause for a party.

Portal Preview Ice cream in the water preview iPhone 5 Apple Logo Wallpaper party balloons preview Red-Ribbon-Apple-Logo-preview party_people preview

Thank you!

This is a great time to thank you, the readers. Without you, the wallpaper roundup would not be such a popular post each week. It does take time to go through the web, find great images, crop them, stage them, upload and write the post. You would think it would be a short simple process… Your comments, suggestions, tweets and likes all drive us to continue offering this standing section. I have received countless emails, tweets, and communications over the last year from excited fans of the page. Whether just thanking me for curating the section or sharing their images, it is always great to connect with iDB fans.

Please, continue your passion for great wallpapers. Continue sharing them in the comment sections below. Continue catching up with me on Twitter @jim_gresham or email jim@idownloadblog.com. Continue loving iDB and Apple. Continue to have a high standard for design, beauty, and customization. Thank you, iDB readers, for being some of the best in the industry. We value your connection, loyalty, and constant feedback through our extremely active comment section, as the wallpapers above are proof.

To many more walls, many more posts, and many more years of sharing. Thank you.