Evasi0n jailbreak wallpapers for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch

Evasion Wallpapers

We are all excited the Evasi0n jailbreak is around the corner, with a predicted, but not confirmed, release date of Sunday, February 3. The anticipation is high and everyone is getting pumped about finally jailbreaking their iOS 6.1 device, including me! As we prepare for the imminent release, I put together a few iOS wallpapers for everyone to enjoy…

Earlier this afternoon, the @iDownloadBlog twitter account sent out a few of my Evasi0n wallpapers and we quickly received many requests for additional versions. Due to the high demand, I put together a few wallpapers, which you can find below.

It would be unfair if I did not mention two people that helped inspire the new wallpapers. First, is @Surenix, who is the man behind the @Evad3rs graphics, including the logo used in my wallpapers. Additionally, I ran across the codex string this morning on Deviant Art, thanks to @AR72014UPDATE: Thanks to @int3rnist for the splash graphic above!

To download the full size images, click or tap the thumbnails. You know the rest! Thanks for supporting the walls and if you have any questions, you can catch me @jim_gresham.

UPDATE: Some people have requested the PSD files. As I love the internet as a free exchange environment, here is the PSD file, but make sure to give proper credit if posting to another website and let me know if you do so I can check it out!

iPhone 5 / iPod Touch 5th gen

Evasi0n Logo Evasi0n Dripping

iPhone 4 / iPhone 4s

Evasi0n_iPhone4 Evasi0nDripping_iPhone4

iPad mini / iPad 2


iPad 3 / iPad 4


Thanks for checking out the wallpapers! How excited are you for the new jailbreak? Will you be an immediate adopter when it releases or will you wait for a week and see how it plays out?