Wallpapers of the week: action shots

LA Dodgers Stadium splash

Last week, we posted Apple logo wallpapers to celebrate our visit to Apple HQ and the chance to eat at Caffè Macs, thanks to a Mystery Man that let us inside. Sebastien, Jeff, and I were in town for JailbreakCon and if you have not listened, we recorded the longest episode of Let’s Talk Jailbreak. Make sure to check out the episode for interviews with @pod2g, @rpetrich, and @surenix.

On the wallpaper front, this week is another blended offering. The only connection between the two images is ‘action.’ However, they were two great images I stumbled upon this week…


The first image is a sunset photo of the LA Dodgers’ stadium. After all, it is spring now in the US and baseball season has kicked off, full swing. Following, is a shot from Walking Dead. Rick Grimes is depicted taking off down the road, obviously ready to take action.


Download: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


Download: iPad; iPhone 5/s/c


To load the full resolution image, tap the corresponding iOS device name. Once it loads, tap hold, then save to Camera Roll. Setting the wallpaper can be accomplished through either the Settings.app or Photos.app. From a desktop, save the full resolution image to the iTunes sync folder.

What do you guys think about just a film/tv wallpaper round up?