Wallpapers of the week: mixture flat and texture

Hadi Jazayeri splash

Now that iOS 7 is released and we are all running our newest devices, the design is starting to settle with users, but, as always, one of the only ways to modify the look of iOS is changing the wallpaper. Many users jailbreak their devices simply to change the look and appeal. However, until there is an iOS 7 jailbreak, we will be stuck using wallpapers as our only source of personalization.

With help from the Wallpapers of the Week section, we hope to curate a place on iDB where users can find top tier designs with which to change their interface. Thanks to the layered design work, changing the wallpaper in iOS 7 does drastically change the color scheme, in comparison to iOS 6. The translucency allows the wallpaper to be visible through different app interfaces, thus creating a new experience…


Each week it is my goal to feature a new artist. Thanks to your support, Wallpapers of the Week is a very exciting and continuous section of iDB. Professional and amateur alike, the wallpapers are all great ways to modify iOS in an easy way. This week, the featured artist is Hadi Jazayeri, who submitted an iOS 7 mixtured wallpaper and a textured green wallpaper for those hoping to keep a rough Forstall edge to the Springboard. To keep up with Hadi, find him on Twitter @hadijaza or view his webblog, Technology Camp.

As with all posts, I have included the images submitted by the artists. If you prefer alternative options, please contact Hadi directly.

Hadi-Jazayeri-purple pink preview Hadi-Jazayeri-Green preview

iPhone 5/c/s: Left; Right


To place these images on your device, click the corresponding link above. Once the full image loads, tap-hold, then save to Camera Roll. Set the image from the Photo.app or from Settings.app / Wallpapers. From a desktop, right click the full image and save to the iTunes sync folder.


The walls section is not possible without submissions from our readers. Each week I receive many different images and I reconsider all of them each week. To make sure you are considered, send them embedded in an email to jim@idownloadblog.com or find me on Twitter @jim_gresham. Please note, artists must submit at least two images and they must be properly formatted for consideration. Do not simply submit pictures.

What do you guys think? Textures still good? …or bad?