10 great iOS 7 wallpapers for iPhone 5

iOS 7 Wallpapers (teaser 001)

With plenty of comments about the iOS 7 overhaul, beta testing is now in full force. Whether or not you are a fan of the new changes, they are coming, lurking in the summer months, waiting for a full reveal this fall with new iOS devices in tow.

Many beta testers have been hitting Twitter looking for and sharing iPhone wallpapers that are iOS 7-ready. AR7 even posted an iOS 7 theme for Winterboard users that are running iOS 6. In an effort to compile the effort, we rounded up some great wallpapers that look amazing on iOS 7. If you are a beta tester, fire them up today. If you are patiently waiting for the public release, start a wallpaper folder and save them for later…

Of course, before dumping all of these walls below, if you would like to specifically check out Surenix’s iOS 7 wallpaper pack, a dedicated article posted earlier. It proved quite popular, with 10’s of thousands of ZIP file downloads.


Below is a series of wallpapers we recommend to you for iOS 7. Each image is a low resolution thumbnail, clicking it will take you to the full image for download. If you prefer, download all of the files via the following link:


iOS 7 Wall 6 thumb iOS 7 Wall 7 thumb iOS 7 Wall 8 thumb iOS 7 Wall 1 thumb iOS 7 Wall 2 thumb iOS 7 Wall 4 thumb iOS 7 Wall 5 thumb iOS 7 Wall 9 thumb iOS 7 Mavericks AR7 caption iOS 7 Wall 3 Max_Kas caption

What do you guys think about posting wallpapers regularly on iDB? How do you like the images above? Meet us in the comments below.