Free OS X Mavericks update now available in the Mac App Store

OS X Mavericks DP4 Setup

Earlier today, Apple announced that this year’s OS X update would be free for the first time ever to current Mac users. That’s right, as long as you have a compatible Mac computer, you’re eligible to get OS X Mavericks for free.

The update is a big one, bringing about several UI changes, new applications like Maps and iBooks, and a number of new features like Finder tabs and tags and quick reply for messages. And it’s now available for download…

If you’re still on the fence about Mavericks, despite the fact that it’s been made totally free, you might find some of iDB’s coverage on the update useful. We take a look at new features, the new apps, the design changes, and more.

For those that are ready to make the leap, you can find Mavericks in the Mac App Store for free. As usual, make sure to one, back up your computer, and two, ensure all of your most-used apps are Mavericks-friendly before you update.