Skype iOS apps now support HD quality video calls via iPad 4 and iPhone 5

Skype 4.1 for iOS (iPad screenshot 001)

Microsoft-owned Skype has been giving their iOS apps some much-needed love lately. For example, following June’s announcement of Skype Video Messages, the company has updated mobile and desktop apps with the ability to record and send short videos to your contacts, even when offline. The feature was previously available with a 20-message limit and imposed a three-minute ceiling on the length of individual video messages.

Today, the iPhone and iPad Skype app has been updated with various call quality improvements and general fixes, including the ability to make HD quality 720p video calls from the latest and fastest iOS devices, such a the fourth-generation iPad and the iPhone 5…

And in addition to “general improvements to call quality” when sending Video Instant Messages and “stability improvements” for the upcoming iOS 7 release, the updated Skype app also features a redesigned country code picker on the dial pad.

Check out a quick video walkthrough.

The iPhone app gained improved calling and chatting features a month and a half ago.

You can download Skype for iPad and the iPhone/iPod touch free from the App Store.