Samsung’s concept makes the case for wearables

Samsung Corporate HQ (image 001)

Young Sohn, who started at Samsung in August 2012 as President and Chief Strategy Officer, showed this intriguing concept video at MobileBeat 2013, VentureBeat’s sixth annual flagship conference on the future of mobile. In it, the Galaxy maker lays out its vision for wearable computing that calls for new kinds of bendable displays.

The video focuses on a scene depicting a woman using her smartphone of the future outfitted with health sensors to share health data with her doctor. According to Bloomberg, Apple’s rumored iWatch includes a pedometer for counting steps and sensors for monitoring health-related data, such as heart rates…

Check out Samsung’s concept.

“We think the health area is a really key area of innovation,” Sohn said at the conference.

The executive is leading the effort to increase Samsung’s Silicon Valley presence.

As of recently, Samsung has made significant investments in Silicon Valley, including two new R&D buildings and a startup accelerator in downtown Palo Alto.

If this trademark filing is anything to go by, Samsung could soon launch a whole new range of wearable gadgets under the Samsung Gear moniker.

We know from before the South Korean giant is working on commercializing flexible displays for smartphones and tablets and racing Apple to get its own wristwatch to market.

Apple is widely believed to have developed keen interest in wearable technology.

If anything, Apple’s recent hirings and patent/trademark filings – along with big media, analysts’ reportssupply chain chatter and insider tips – all seemingly point to the company likely researching an iOS-driven smartwatch.