PaperLock adds yet another mod to your iPhone’s Home screen

PaperLock, like Unfold, and Unlockize before it, adds another “slide to unlock” modification to your iPhone’s Lock screen. PaperLock — as its name not so subtly implies — is a tweak that lends a paper-like “page turning” look to your iPhone, similar to what you see when you turn a page in iBooks.

Out of the box, PaperLock comes with three high quality themes: paper, plastic, and bandage. It should be noted that the graphics where designed by renowned iOS theme designer Surenix; hence, when I say high quality, you can believe it. How does it match up with other Lock screen mods? Check inside for the details.


PaperLock looks and performs beautifully, the graphic design and animation properties are absolutely top-notch. Sadly, there are only three themes included in the package, but as noted each theme is of a very high quality.

The main problem with PaperLock is the price. At $2.99, it’s more expensive than both Unfold, and Unlockize, and when compared to Unlockize, it’s fairly bare bones. My suggestion is that you take a look at all three videos, and see how they stack up for you personally. If I had to choose between the three, it would be Unlockize, which gives you a perfect balance of features and price. Of course, that can all change with a few updates, so keep in mind future expandability as well.

Head over to Cydia’s BigBoss repo if you’re interested in trying PaperLock, and let us know what you think about it in the comments below.