Month: January 2011

iTunes 10.1.2 Conveniently Drops Before the Verizon iPhone 4 Launch, Apple Hides Details From Upgraders

Everything seems to be falling into place for a fairly smooth Verizon iPhone 4 launch. The announcement was made, pricing details have been released, and the pre-order¬†arrangement¬†has been established. Hmm, what’s left?

What about an iTunes update so that you can actually use your iPhone when you receive it? Apple has you covered there as well, with the recently pushed iTunes 10.1.2 update.

Can you guess what this latest update includes?

Infographic Confirms That iPhone Users Prefer Regular Apps Over Web Apps

Well, that’s a big shocker. Apparently iPhone users care more about¬†native¬†apps than web apps.

The guys over at Appsfire, a cool app discovery service, made an infographic report demonstrating how most users like regular apps over web apps. Appsfire¬†analyzed 1,000 of its user’s devices to determine some insight into the web v.s.¬†native¬†app debate.

Web applications are becoming more and more advanced everyday, but they still can’t replicate¬†certain¬†functionalities of native iOS apps. The infographic from Appsfire is pretty self-explanatory. Let’s check it out…

Apple Hit With Yet Another Class Action Lawsuit, This Time Over the iPhone 4’s Glass

Another day, another frivolous lawsuit originating out of California. This time, the plaintiff is L.A. County resident Donald LeBuhn, who filed the lawsuit in earlier in the week.

This certainly isn’t the first class action suit that’s been filed against Apple recently, but it probably tops the list as being the most ridiculous.

In the suit, LeBuhn claims that Apple hid the fact that day-to-day use of the iPhone 4 would eventually lead to cracked glass.

Well, if normal day-to-day use entails dropping your iPhone on concrete surfaces, you might just be right…

‘Cloudy’ is a Free Jailbreak Tweak That Will Automatically Upload Your Screenshots to the Cloud

Ladies and gentlemen, there’s a new cloud sharing¬†jailbreak tweak on the block, and the good news is that it’s free. That’s right;¬†CloudyShots is a new tweak that will automatically upload your iPhone screenshots to the web.

Utilizing API’s from Cloud App — the popular cloud storage solution that allows you to share images, links, music, videos and files — CloudyShots takes the headache out of getting your screenshots from your iPhone to share online with your friends.

If you can remember ‘SB 2 Cloud’ came out last year with pretty much this exact same functionality. Is CloudyShots nothing more than a blatant, albeit free, rip-off?

Dead Space For the iPhone Will Have You Shaking in Your Space Boots

Dead Space is a new and terrifying sci-fi action game for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Love to scream during horror movies? Then start downloading, because you’re in for a treat.

Based on the console versions of the game, this small screen rendition manages to retain its dark and tense atmosphere, coupled with hardcore gameplay.

The suspense begins from the get-go, but the real terror begins when the lights are out. Grotesque aliens‚Äô aka Necromorph‚Äôs will jump out and charge at you from every direction and it‚Äôs your job to blow them to kingdom come…

Verizon iPhone 4 Pre-Orders Begin on February 3rd at 3AM EST + Trade In Details

Although the Verizon iPhone’s official launch is slated for February 10th, Verizon is giving existing customers the first shot at the device by offering pre-orders.

These pre-orders are slated to start at 3AM EST on February 3rd, but the good news is that you don’t have to change out of your pajamas to do so.

All pre-orders will be registered online via the company’s ‘My Verizon’ site; therefore,¬†we advise you to set up an account in advance if you are not already registered…

Apple Posts a Roundup of iPhone Apps From TV Ads

We all love Apple’s broadcast commercials. They’re elegant, pretty, and a great way to show off what makes the iPhone special.

There have been many iPhone ads from Apple over the years. These ads show off some of the best apps in the App Store. Have you ever seen an app in an iPhone commercial and wished you knew its name so you could download it yourself?

Apple has posted a roundup of popular apps from iPhone TV ads on iTunes…

Tip: How to Stop Text From Appearing Over Your iPod Album Artwork

Annoyed by text appearing over your album artwork in your iPod app? What about all that description junk that usually appears over podcasts? Whenever you tap on your song/podcast’s album cover, the time “scrubber” drops down with other settings like shuffle and repeat.

Depending on your song/podcast’s metadata, tapping the album artwork could also result in text being displayed over the artwork. You can download songs with lyric or credit info in the description. Lots of podcasts use this window to display episode descriptions and show notes.

Some people really like this feature of the iPod app. It does have its positives. However, if you find it annoying, we’ll show you how to easily hide text from appearing over your album artwork…

3DBoard, an Awesome 3D Home Screen For the iPhone That Doesn’t Require Glasses?

Woah, woah, woah. Wait a minute, that’s just not possible. Or is it? That’s what I thought when I first saw this video of 3DBoard in motion.

The first thing that stands out to me, is that unlike the Nintendo 3DS, you can see the effects via video. I have to say I’m a bit skeptical; that is until I get this puppy in my hands and test it out for myself. If this jailbreak tweak does happen to be real, though, things just got a lot more interesting.

Could you imagine what games would play like with 3D effects like this? And no glasses? Check the full video demonstration out¬†inside…

AT&T Offering Customers Unlimited Data to Get Back at Verizon?

Reports are surfacing that AT&T is quietly offering certain customers the opportunity to switch back to unlimited data. This comes right on the heels of the revelation that Verizon will be offering $30 unlimited data for a limited time to early iPhone 4 adopters.

If you can remember, it was back in June of 2010 when AT&T eliminated its unlimited data plans in favor of a tiered data package, and needless to say there was quite an outrage over the change.

Now that Verizon has come on the scene, AT&T is feeling the heat and pulling out the stops in order to retain disgruntled¬†customers…

The Verizon iPhone 4’s Full Pricing Details Revealed

It seems like every day tiny bits of information trickle out concerning the Verizon iPhone 4. Now it looks like we’re finally getting somewhere, with full pricing information managing to leak out today.

Here is a full breakdown of the iPhone 4’s pricing structure on the Verizon network. Unsurprisingly, it closely resembles the prices found on AT&T…

Better Paint Mix Makes the White iPhone 4 a Reality

It’s a pretty safe assumption that the white iPhone 4 will launch soon, maybe next month. Throughout all of our reporting about the device’s unlikely return, we had one common question: Why?

Why now? Why this late in the game? Well it looks like we’ve found the reason for Apple’s sudden change of heart, and the proof, folks, is in the paint…