AT&T Offering Customers Unlimited Data to Get Back at Verizon?

Reports are surfacing that AT&T is quietly offering certain customers the opportunity to switch back to unlimited data. This comes right on the heels of the revelation that Verizon will be offering $30 unlimited data for a limited time to early iPhone 4 adopters.

If you can remember, it was back in June of 2010 when AT&T eliminated its unlimited data plans in favor of a tiered data package, and needless to say there was quite an outrage over the change.

Now that Verizon has come on the scene, AT&T is feeling the heat and pulling out the stops in order to retain disgruntled customers…

Customers who were originally on unlimited data plans were given the option to retain their plan, or switch to a lower priced, but limited data plan. Those who decided to switch were instructed that they would not be able to switch back to unlimited data, rendering the change permanent.

Now, it looks like AT&T is backtracking on the pronouncement of the change’s permanence, by offering select customers who were originally on unlimited data the opportunity to switch back.

We wonder if those ‘select’ customers are ones threatening to jump ship? That might be worth a shot if you want your unlimited back. No official comment from AT&T thus far.

Have you been offered unlimited data, or did you never give it up to begin with?