iTunes 10.1.2 Conveniently Drops Before the Verizon iPhone 4 Launch, Apple Hides Details From Upgraders

Everything seems to be falling into place for a fairly smooth Verizon iPhone 4 launch. The announcement was made, pricing details have been released, and the pre-order arrangement has been established. Hmm, what’s left?

What about an iTunes update so that you can actually use your iPhone when you receive it? Apple has you covered there as well, with the recently pushed iTunes 10.1.2 update.

Can you guess what this latest update includes?

Unfortunately, Apple isn’t very forthcoming with the contents of iTunes 10.1.2 in its change log when doing a normal update from iTunes; all it contains is the following:

See? Not one mention of the Verizon iPhone to be found.

Oddly enough, when you download iTunes directly from Apple, more details are divulged in the “Read Before You Install” documentation, as you can see below:

Not sure what’s up with that, maybe it was just an oversight by Apple. Whatever the reason, the CDMA iPhone code is included in this latest iTunes update, and with that, we’re one step closer to the reality that is the Verizon iPhone 4.

You updated yet?