Apple Posts a Roundup of iPhone Apps From TV Ads

We all love Apple’s broadcast commercials. They’re elegant, pretty, and a great way to show off what makes the iPhone special.

There have been many iPhone ads from Apple over the years. These ads show off some of the best apps in the App Store. Have you ever seen an app in an iPhone commercial and wished you knew its name so you could download it yourself?

Apple has posted a roundup of popular apps from iPhone TV ads on iTunes…

There are so many great gems in this list. The hugely popular, iconic apps like Twitter and Facebook are of course present. Several obscure apps, like Credit Card Terminal, Mover Lite, and Rocket Taxi, also make the list.

The reason that these apps have been featured in Apple’s commercials is because they all showcase something different about the iPhone. Compass Go demonstrates the iPhone’s compass capabilities. Epicurious shows how fun it can be to cook with the iPhone. Fandango shows how easy it can be to see movie listings and purchase tickets straight from the iPhone. Apple’s own iBooks app demonstrates how easy it can be to read a book on an iPhone.

I had a good time browsing through Apple’s list of 80+ apps from iPhone ads. There were several in the list that I had never even heard of before. I found a couple apps that looked great, and I downloaded them immediately.

This list does a good job at showing off the wide range of apps that are available in the App Store. Roundups like this really bring the tagline, “There’s an app for that” to life.

Apple also keeps a growing list of App Store games that are featured in iPhone ads.

Check out Apple’s roundup and tell us what you think. Did you find any cool apps you hadn’t heard of before?