Apple Sued Amidst Privacy Concerns Regarding App Tracking

A little over a week ago, we reported on a Wall Street Journal article that revealed an eye-opening investigation into how apps share your personal data; without your consent.

Needless to say it was bit shocking to us, our readers, and apparently a lot of other people concerned over their personal privacy, or lack thereof.

Now the fallout from the privacy scandal is beginning to rear its head, and it ain’t pretty…

In a suit filed on Dec. 23 in a federal district court in San Jose, California by Jonathan Lalo of Los Angeles County; it states that “the transmission of personal information is a violation of federal computer fraud and privacy laws,” and goes on to imply that “some apps are also selling additional information to ad networks, including users’ location, age, gender, income, ethnicity, sexual orientation and political views.”

Along with Apple, the suit namedrops several popular iPhone app as defendants, including Pandora, and TextPlus 4.

Not being totally satisfied with only this lawsuit, the claim is also seeking a class-action lawsuit for customers who have downloaded apps going all the way back to December of 2008!

It looks like Apple and a whole lot of developers have a mess on their hands. How do you think they should handle it, and do you agree with the court actions taken? Let us know below.