Pandora Update Includes Retina Display for iPhone

For those of you who are like myself in the regard of not checking the App Store daily, the streaming sensation Pandora has updated its iPhone app.

The largest feature implemented is the support for Retina Display. It does look nice.

What’s New In This Version:

  • uses high resolution graphics for iPhone 4
  • yields control of external volume buttons when backgrounded and paused
  • improves detection and notification of device audio failures
  • fixes several crashes
  • improves album art loading
  • other minor bug fixes and improvements

I thought my usage of Pandora would greatly increase with the background capabilities, but I was mistaken. Perhaps it’s the lack of 3G in my area, which makes it’s functionality nearly unusable. Nevertheless, the update makes it look cleaner on my home-screen.

How often do you use Pandora?