Google and Twitter team up to provide Tweets in mobile search results

By Cody Lee on May 19, 2015

Google and Twitter announced on Tuesday that they are partnering up to bring Tweets to Google Search on mobile devices. The move means that now, anytime you perform a search using the Google app (iOS or Android) or mobile browser, you’ll see real-time content from Twitter in your results.

The search results are triggered by “Twitter” keyword searches, and include both hashtags and accounts. So you can either search for feedback on the new #TaylorSwift album or #MadMenFinale, or you can track down NASA’s Twitter account, and view their recent Tweets without leaving Google. Read More


Tweetbot 3 updated with support for new ‘Quote Tweet’ feature

By Cody Lee on May 1, 2015

The Tapbots issued an update for their iPhone Twitter client Tweetbot 3 today, bringing the app to version 3.6. The release includes a number of bug fixes, and it adds support for the new ‘Quote Tweet’ feature Twitter rolled out last month.

For those who haven’t used the feature yet, it’s actually pretty handy. Unlike the typical retweet, which will insert the tweet between quotation marks and count toward your character limit, Quote Tweet embeds the tweet like a card or photo. Read More


Twitter content and accounts coming soon to Spotlight search

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 29, 2015

According to Twitter CEO Dick Costolo, Twitter content such as tweets and accounts are coming to Apple’s Spotlight search engine on Macs and iOS devices, allowing for an even tighter integration between the iPhone maker and the popular micro-blogging service, MacWorld reported Wednesday. Apple added Twitter to the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad as the inaugural third-party service integration in iOS 5 three years ago. Read More


Twitter’s iOS app now showing apps on profile pages, new Highlights feature hits Android

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 23, 2015

The official Twitter application for the iPhone and iPad is now showing certain apps on profile pages, as noted by Twitter user ‘ryan’. It’s a silent refresh on Twitter’s backend, meaning no update is necessary to your existing copy of Twitter for iOS. The web interface is unaffected by this nifty little change.

For the time being, it seems that mostly applications from major publications and brands are being highlighted, including ones by The New York Times and BuzzFeed, among others. In addition to branded news apps, other notable brands include Spotify and Twitter’s own Periscope. Read More


Twitter now lets you receive DMs from anyone

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 20, 2015

Twitter apps for mobiles are getting a small yet significant update Monday, bringing out the ability to receive direct messages (DMs) from anyone. The company originally rolled out this feature as an experiment in October 2013 only to pull it the following month because it was unfinished and not ready for prime time yet. You opt-in to use the new feature by ticking a box next to “Receive Direct Messages from anyone” in the settings.

This lets anyone on Twitter send you a private message, regardless of whether or not they’re following you. Previously, direct messaging has only been possible between users who follow each other.

The current implementation doesn’t pose a major threat to established messaging services due to an account limit of 1,000 DMs sent per day. Once you hit this limit, you won’t be able to send any more DMs for the day. The update is currently rolling out to App Stores around the world so check back in a few hours if it’s not live yet. Read More


Twitterrific hits Apple Watch

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 17, 2015

Twitterrific developer The Iconfactory last evening announced immediate availability of Twitterrific for Apple Watch.

The company’s freemium Twitter client for the iPhone and iPad was refreshed on the App Store with all-new Apple Watch functionality in the form of Glances, Notifications and the recent activity view. Twitterrific’s Glances put retweets, favorites and new followers you’ve received over the past 24 hours, in addition to the current unread tweet count, right on your wrist.

But don’t you worry, you’ll be able to fine-tune which Twitter notifications appear on your Watch so you don’t get inundated with unwanted alerts. Interestingly enough, The Iconfactory has opted for an unusual route of by requiring you to upgrade to Twitterrific’s push notifications via a one-time $1.99 In-App Purchase in order to unlock the full Apple Watch functionality. Read More


Twitter folding Discover and Activity tabs on mobile into enhanced Search

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 9, 2015

Twitter giveth, Twitter taketh away. Twitter first said this morning that iPhone users can now upload and share their gorgeous 120FPS and 240FPS slow-motion videos through its mobile app and now we’re receiving word that the startup will soon axe the Discover and Activity tabs from Twitter for iPhone and iPad.

The change, apparently a result of lack of interest, will be rolling out to mobile users over the next few days. Read More


Twitter now supports iPhone’s slow motion videos

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 9, 2015

As of today, it’s now possible to share slow-motion videos using Twitter’s iPhone and iPad app, the micro-blogging service announced in a tweet. The feature has been enabled via a silent backend update so there’s no need to update Twitter’s iOS app.

The ability to upload and share slow-motion videos entails both footage captured in 120 frames per second on your iPhone 5s and higher frame-rate videos at 240 frames per second recorded on the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus. Read More


Twitter rolling out revamped ‘Quote Tweet’ feature with comments

By Cody Lee on Apr 6, 2015

Twitter on Monday announced that it would be rolling out a revamped Retweet feature to all of its platforms. The new feature allows users to easily add comments to Retweets, and properly embeds them instead of inserting them between quotation marks. It also lets you quickly undo a Retweet, should you change your mind.

The new Retweet is being rolled out to iPhone apps and on the web, and will later make its way to Android. For those wanting to check it out on the web, simply hover over the Retweet icon, and a pop-up box (like the one above) will appear, giving you the option to either perform a standard Retweet or add a comment. Read More


Tweetbot for Mac adds support for Twitter-hosted GIF and video image previews

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 2, 2015

To make the wait until a massive (and way overdue) Yosemite overhaul of Tweetbot, the most purchased Twitter alternative on the Apple platform, developer Tapbots on Thursday pushed a small yet important update to Tweetbot for Mac.

This new version at last added official support for Twitter-hosted animated GIFs and video image previews. In addition to these enhancements, this edition of Tweetbot saw improvements in storage and memory usage.

So now when someone attaches an animated GIF to their tweet or records a video in Twitter’s native video format, you’ll see the video thumbnail inline. Previously, it wouldn’t show any thumbnail at all, leaving you with clickable URLs that opened in a browser. Read More


TweetDeck for Mac gains group DMs, inline video and GIFs and other goodies

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 1, 2015

TweetDeck for Mac, the popular Twitter-owned desktop client, on Wednesday received its first significant update since August 2014.

Available free of charge, the refreshed application now displays native Twitter video and animated GIF files inline and allows you to exchange direct messages with multiple users in group conversations, in addition to half a dozen other improvements. Read More


Native Twitter sharing disappears from latest iOS beta if Twitter’s mobile app is installed

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 30, 2015

iOS 8.3 beta 4 that was seeded to Apple’s registered iOS developers last week has removed the long-standing option to share content to Twitter, according to our own findings a couple days ago that have since been confirmed by other users.

We’ve noticed something was afoot as the option to share to Twitter has gone missing from the Share sheet in iOS 8’s stock Photos and Safari app.

Technically, the feature has not been removed entirely because it only disappears after installing Twitter’s official iOS app in iOS 8.3 beta 4, as evidenced on the screenshots provided by our own Oliver Haslam.

Uninstall Twitter and it comes back. Read More


Twitter releases live-streaming app Periscope

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 26, 2015

Ever since Twitter shut down Meerkat, the popular live-streaming app that cleverly uses Twitter existing account and social graph infrastructure, it became clear that the micro-blogging startup was about to launch a similar service of its own.

Indeed, on Thursday the company announced immediate availability of Periscope, a live-streaming video service it acquired back in January.

The free iPhone app, like Meerkat, allows users to start live-streams from their device in an instant. Read More


Twitter testing autoplay ads on iPhone, iPad apps for some users

By Jake Smith on Mar 23, 2015

Taking a page out of Facebook’s playbook, Twitter has begun testing autoplaying videos on the timelines of a small group of users, AdAge first spotted. With the test, you may see videos playing without tapping a play button – and this means ads, too.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed the test that’s occurring on Twitter’s iPhone and iPad apps. The autoplay test applies to Promoted Video ads, along with videos uploaded through Twitter’s mobile app through its new video service.  Read More


Twitter prepping Foursquare tagging in tweets

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 23, 2015

You will be soon able to tag specific locations in tweets thanks to an expanded Foursquare integration, the micro-blogging platform announced in a tweet Monday.

“We’re working with Foursquare so you can tag specific locations in tweets,” reads the message. The new features is “coming soon,” added the firm.

Currently, users can add additional location context to their tweeting by adding a general location label, such as “SoMa, San Francisco,” to their tweets using Twitter for Android, Twitter for iOS, or other mobile apps. Read More


Twitter shuts down Meerkat’s access to its social graph

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 13, 2015

A few days ago, we posted about Meerkat, a new live video streaming service that is currently enjoying a significant buzz amongst the tech industry. The primary reason for Meerkat’s success has to do with how easy it is to get up and running. You can literally go from installing the app to live steaming in mere seconds. Meerkat has Twitter to thank for much of this, because the app basically piggybacks on Twitter’s already existing account and social graph infrastructure.

That said, it was largely assumed that Meerkat’s free reign access to Twitter’s social graph would be short-lived, and this proved to be true. As noted on Buzzfeed, Twitter has cut off Meerkat’s access to automatically port over twitter connections—those who you follow and those who follow you on Twitter.

The Twitter social graph was key in helping Meerkat generate the buzz that it’s garnered over the last week and a half. Prior to this evening, when users signed in to Meerkat with their Twitter credentials, all of the connections that existed on Twitter were ported in to Meerkat. This made it extremely easy to establish existing connections, receive notifications when fellow twitter followers joined and began streaming, and essentially provided a zero-friction environment.

After this evening, this is no longer the case. Yes, this is bad news for Meerkat, as it significantly narrows its spout for growth, but it won’t necessarily spell the death of the service.

Read More


How to add landscape mode, cellular streaming, and native favorite access to Tweetbot

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 12, 2015

Recently, I’ve started using the official Twitter app more. I like some of the features that the Twitter app has, such as native access to see who’s favorited your tweets, notifications on an individual user basis, native video support, etc.

But even with all of those features, I still find myself going back to Tweetbot 3. The user experience found in Tweetbot is so much more thought-out and refined, and the animations, sounds and graphics are charming. Needless to say, despite its limitations, I always go back to Tweetbot.

If you feel the same way that I do, and you’re jailbroken, then Tweetbot+ will certainly be of interest to you. It brings many new features to the table to enhance the Tweetbot 3 experience, such as cellular streaming, native favorite access, landscape mode, and more. Our full video walkthrough showcases all of the major features. Read More


Full-width timeline photos launching today on Twitter for iPhone

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 11, 2015

Twitter, a 140-character messaging service and a social platform, today said that it’s supersizing photos in mobile apps for the iPhone and Android.

Bigger photos should make browsing profiles on Twitter for iPhone “even more fun” while allowing for more visual impact, according to a tweet issued Wednesday.

The visual types are going to have a field day seeing full-bleed images in their timeline. Suffice it to say, this is a cool improvement compared to small thumbnails that needed to be tapped on to enlarge.

Twitter for iPhone and iPad is available free in the App Store. Read More


Meerkat lets you stream live video to Twitter

By Lory Gil on Mar 11, 2015

During Apple’s Spring Forward event, you may have noticed a few tweets that started off with “|LIVE NOW|” followed by a hashtag for “meerkat” and a link. If you haven’t had a chance to experience it yet, the Twitter verse now has a way to live stream video content.

Meerkat is a video client that allows users to live stream video directly to their followers on Twitter. It is live. If you click on the link after the video has ended, you will miss out. Read More


Rochade: invert Twitter handles with full names in the stock Twitter app

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 5, 2015

Rochade is a new jailbreak tweak that aims to invert the appearance of full names and Twitter handles within the stock Twitter app. Its aim is to provide more weight to the Twitter handle, and less such weight to the names of users associated with said handles.

Although other notable Twitter apps, like Tweetbot, have support for managing the display of names and handles within the UI, the official Twitter app is more strict in its approach. Read More

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