AssistantLove receives an iOS 6 update

One of my favorite jailbreak tweaks, AssistantLove, just received an update for iOS 6 compatibility. AssistantLove was featured in our top jailbreak tweaks of 2012 list, and would have been added to my “perfect iPhone” feature, if it had iOS 6 compatibility at the time.

If you’re a Spotify user like I am, then you will really appreciate what AssistantLove brings to the table. Along with allowing you to integrate GPS apps with Siri, and launch apps using shortcut names, AssistantLove meshes Siri with Spotify. This means that you pretty much search for any song or artist you can think of using your voice.

LivelyIcons: animate icons and help cancer research

There’s a new jailbreak tweak available in Cydia, and it’s not unlike something you’ve probably seen before. The tweak is called LivelyIcons, and it allows you to add opening animations to each app icon on your iPhone’s Home screen.

LivelyIcons features about a dozen different animations that you can enable via a simple list found in the Settings app. An option to increase or decrease the duration of the animation also exists. That may not sound all of that exciting, but the tweak’s functionality plays second fiddle to a greater cause. Check inside for the full scoop.

How to save Instagram photos to the Camera roll

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could save your favorite Instagram photos directly to your Camera roll? Well, that’s the exact premise behind a new jailbreak tweak called InstaSave. InstaSave is an extremely simple tweak, in fact there are no settings to configure after installation.

Once installed, you’ll notice a new Save option appear after tapping the ellipsis button when viewing your favorite photos. Take a look inside for more details as to how InstaSave works.

Hands-on with Kamera

Last week we brought you some information on Kamera — a recently released jailbreak tweak available for free on Cydia’s ModMyi repo. Well, we just got a chance to try it out on…ahem, camera, so we thought we’d bring you a video walkthrough.

As you probably remember, Kamera is a Notification Center widget that enables you to go directly to the front-facing or rear-facing mode via the Camera app. Recently an option was added to Kamera to allow you to use a long tap and hold to go straight to video mode. I’ve found it to be a decent tweak, although many other options exist out there to quickly invoke the Camera.

If you’re browsing from an iDevice, you can download Kamera from Cydia using this direct link. Be sure to let us know what you think in the comments.

Zephyr updated to implement new Screen Area option

A new update to Zephyr just appeared on Cydia, and it contains at least one new feature. If you were attuned to Twitter about a week ago, you may have noticed a somewhat intense conversation between @_Yllier_ and Zephyr developer, @Chpwn.

Basically, the conversation began when Yllier created a hack for Zephyr, which makes it possible to limit the screen area where a “swipe from left to right gesture” is valid. He created the hack with the intention of making it easier to use apps like Gmail, and Facebook, which both rely on the swipe gestures that can interfere with Zephyr.

To make a long story short, Chpwn wasn’t pleased that the hack was released due to issues it could cause with future updates, support, etc., and he asked Yllier to remove it. Yllier did eventually remove it, but not before he received a nod from Chpwn agreeing to include the useful feature in a future version of Zephyr. And that, folks, is where we are now.

MuteIcon: know when your iPhone’s mute switch is enabled

MuteIcon is a jailbreak tweak that adds an icon to your status bar when your iPhone is placed into silent mode. The purpose of this is to let you know visually when your iPhone’s mute switch is enabled.

The tweak contains a few settings within the Settings panel for adjusting its properties, but overall, it’s an extremely simple affair. Notice our brief overview inside.

‘HighlightGeneral’ is a bit goofy, but I kind of like it

If you read our post that shows how to create the perfect jailbroken iPhone, then it’s pretty obvious that I have a ton of jailbroken apps and tweaks running on my iPhone. Sometimes, that can cause things to become a little foggy as far as the Settings app is concerned. Eventually, it’ll be filled to the brim with preference panels for all of the stuff you’ve installed from Cydia.

As a result, that can often make it a little difficult to quickly locate key sections within the Settings app. The General section is arguably the most popular portion of the Settings app. HighlightGeneral is a jailbreak tweak that makes this section stand out by changing its text label color from black to blue.

Is it a bit silly? Yes. Is it useful? That’s highly debatable. But I will say that I kind of like it.

How to enable still captures while shooting video on the iPod touch 5th generation

If you own both an iPhone 5 and an iPod touch 5th generation, you might find it strange that you can capture still photos while shooting video on the iPhone 5, but not on the iPod touch. Regardless as to why Apple made such a decision, it doesn’t really matter if you’re jailbroken. That’s because a new jailbreak tweak recently appeared on Cydia enabling the function.

Still Capture Enabler is the tweak that allows your iPod touch 5th generation the ability to take still capture photos in the midst of a video shoot. Does it work as you would expect? Have a look at our video walkthrough inside for all of the pertinent details.

A new app switching concept from the designer of Auxo

Looking for a different take on app switching? If so, then look no further than this new app switching concept from @Sentry — the designer behind the highly popular Auxo tweak. The currently unnamed concept allows iPhone users to swipe from the bottom of the page, splitting the page in two. The split reveals a column of strategically placed app icons that can be used to quickly switch between apps.

Swiping on the column reveals toggles and volume and brightness sliders. Since it doesn’t have a name just yet, I’ll just refer to it tentatively as AppUnzipper. That’s a good name, don’t you think? I mean, it basically looks like you’re unzipping the currently running app to access an app switcher beneath.

6 ways to get more out of Auxo

It’s no secret that the Auxo jailbreak tweak is one of my favorite jailbreak tweaks of all time. It’s a tweak that adds a full snapshot preview of your running apps in the app switcher. It also includes handy toggles and redesigned music controls.

Now the question stands to be asked: how do you go about getting the most out of Auxo? Inside I’ll share some handy tips that show you how to become an Auxo pro.

Always know what song is playing with NowPlaying on Status Bar

Do you hate it when you’re listening to music, and you can’t remember the name of the song you’re listening to? This might not seem like such a problem with your own music collection, but what if you have a streaming app running in the background?

Sure, you could jump to your music player or podcasting app and check to see what was just playing or check the Lock screen, but that can get to be a pretty big disruption. If you just want to take a peek, install NowPlaying on Status Bar instead…

The best iPhone jailbreak tweaks for iOS 6

Since its inception in 2007, the iPhone has singlehandedly revolutionized an industry, and simultaneously created a whole new ecosystem that is thriving. Each iteration of iPhone OS, or iOS as it is now called, has produced more stable devices with better features and needed enhancements.

That all being said, many feel that iOS hasn’t progressed as rapidly as it should be progressing. Even though Apple made major strides with iOS 5 as far as wanted features were concerned, many feel that it’s not enough. Though, in my opinion, and in the opinion of many others, the iPhone and iOS can stand on its own two feet, there’s no denying that some things could be better.

That’s where jailbreaking comes in. Yes a lot of people jailbreak because they just want to tinker around with their device, some *gasp* jailbreak to steal the apps that many hardworking individuals put precious time into to bring to fruition, but many jailbreak simply because it can improve the iPhone experience. That’s the reason I jailbreak. In the never ending quest to create the perfect iPhone, I’m continuously on the lookout for new jailbreak tweaks and apps.

At this point, I think it’s safe to say that I have a pretty good grasp on what’s out there. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a definitive list of jailbreak tweaks that I believe create the perfect iPhone experience. Granted, as time goes on, some of these tweaks will undoubtedly become obsolete, or they may be replaced with apps or tweaks that do a better job. But at this point, I believe that the following 15 jailbreak tweaks create an iPhone experience that’s next to perfect. These are some of the best iPhone jailbreak tweaks for iOS 6.