ScreenExtender forces legacy apps to stretch to the iPhone 5’s taller screen

By Mike Schnier on Feb 6, 2013

We’ve seen tweaks in the past like FullForce which essentially transform iPhone apps into full screen iPad apps. Since Apple reassured developers that adding official support for the iPhone 5’s screen would be a snap for most apps through Xcode, we didn’t think full screen support for the left behind apps would be much of a stretch for jailbreak developers.

Turns out it wasn’t a stretch. Just two days after the evasi0n jailbreak is released, a new app on Cydia called Screen Extender brings full screen support to users of the iPhone 5 or 5th generation iPod touchRead More


Use CydiaUpdates to manually install .deb packages when Cydia is unreliable

By Mike Schnier on Feb 5, 2013

Remember when Jay Freeman said that Cydia wouldn’t get bogged down by the massive demand for users of the evasion jailbreak, thanks to measures like including the package catalog in Cydia? The lesson here is to never underestimate the demand for jailbreaking. At its peak, Freeman’s servers were hit with over 4 million HTTP hits per five minutes. There aren’t many independent websites that can survive that kind of spike in traffic overnight, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that downloading tweaks through the Cydia app remains an unreliable process… Read More


Quick Reply for Viber now available in Cydia

By Mike Schnier on Feb 5, 2013

Are you a fan of the BiteSMS jailbreak tweak, but prefer using services other than iMessage or SMS to send texts to your friends? Back in June, Delicious Inc. released Quick Reply for WhatsApp; which essentially brought BiteSMS’s quick reply pane to WhatsApp’s notifications. Today, on the heels of the release of the evasi0n jailbreak, the developers behind BiteSMS bring a similar tweak to Viber in iOS 5 and iOS 6.

Viber is another cross platform messaging app that allows users to make free calls, as well as send texts and photos. The original app works between iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, Nokia, and Bada. It’s a free alternative platform that is compatible with every major smartphone on the market. Viber is growing in popularity, so it’s ripe for a jailbreak tweak of its own… Read More


How some of our favorite jailbreak apps look like on the iPhone 5 [Video]

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 4, 2013

The just released evasi0n jailbreak is remarkable for a few reasons. For starters, it’s the first untethered jailbreak released for iOS 6. Secondly, it’s the first time that iPhone 5 owners have had the luxury of experiencing Cydia, and all of the jailbreak apps that come with it, on the larger screen.

We’ve seen a few folks tease us in the past with Cydia running on the iPhone 5, but never have you had the ability to experience it for yourself, firsthand. Inside this post, we’ll showcase a few of our favorite jailbreak apps and tweaks, and show you how they look on the iPhone’s 5 larger screen. Read More


Use your iOS device as USB flash storage with roqyUSB

By Mike Schnier on Feb 1, 2013

One of the features I’ve missed from the classic iPods is the ability to plug the devices into a computer in order to directly access their hard drives or flash memory. When I was in school, I didn’t carry a USB key around with me because I always had my iPod and everyone had the cables handy. While there is software that can transfer files between an iPhone and a PC, we’re generally not permitted to install programs on shared computers.

One solution is roqyUSB, a jailbreak utility that allows users to create virtual hard disks which can be accessed by USB. This isn’t the first virtual USB drive we’ve seen for jailbroken devices, but it is the first we’ve seen in a default repository… Read More


Flex now available on Cydia

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 1, 2013

Flex — the jailbreak app that allows you to create your own jailbreak tweaks — is now available for download on Cydia’s BigBoss repo. As we showed you in our hands-on walkthrough, the app allows you to create patches and run them on the fly to modify aspects of iOS.

Flex has been met with a bit of controversy. Some developers believe that the tweak is too powerful for the average user, and thus shouldn’t be released. Others believe it’s an awesome attempt to get users familiar with how iOS works on a low-level. Wherever you stand, it can’t be denied that Flex is an awesome looking tweak with an excellent UI to boot.

Flex can be had now for $3.99 on Cydia. Let me know what you think about it in the comment section.


5 tweaks that you must download after jailbreaking iOS 6

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 31, 2013

Once the iOS 6 jailbreak is released, there are a few tweaks that you absolutely must download. Thankfully, Cydia will be better equipped to handle the barrage of users so that you will be able to download all of your favorite apps and tweaks with little issue.

While we wait, why not consider a few of my must-have jailbreak tweaks for iOS 6? Post jailbreak, we’ll follow up with more recommended apps and tweaks, but we think this list would be enough to wet your appetite… Read More


‘Pages+’ adds customizable backgrounds to each Home screen page, boasts Barrel compatibility

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 31, 2013

Evasi0n, the much anticipated jailbreak tool for iOS 6 compatible devices, will be available in the very near future. With that in mind, many jailbreak developers are updating their tweaks and apps, and even establishing brand new creations to prepare for the new jailbreak.

One such developer is SBCoders, the same team behind such hits as Aero and Dash. SBCoders’ latest creation, the yet to be released Pages+, continues the tradition of solid jailbreak tweaks. Pages+ allows you to customize each page on the iPhone’s Home screen. You can accomplish this by means of custom wallpaper packs, or by its built in page tinting system.

The most exciting thing about Pages+, however, is that it plays nice with Aaron Ash’s Barrel. Barrel, of course, is the jailbreak app that allows you to implement various page transitions on your iPhone. When you mix both creations together, you’re guaranteed to get some wild results. Read More


6 tweaks that don’t require a jailbreak

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 29, 2013

Yes, the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak is almost here, and from the looks of things it will support nearly every recent iOS device. But until that time, why not take a look at some of the cool “non-jailbreak” that have been recognized over the last few weeks and months.

As its name alludes to, a non-jailbreak tweak is a method for tweaking your iPhone even though the device is not jailbroken. These so-called tweaks usually, but not always, rely on simple glitches present within stock iOS firmware. Take a look inside for a brief overview of some of our favorites… Read More


How to write longer tweets with TweetAmplius

By Mike Schnier on Jan 29, 2013

Do you have lots of contacts in Twitter, but aren’t crazy about limiting your tweets to 140 characters? Do you you use tweet expander services and URL shorteners, and find they’re more hassle than they’re worth?

TweetAmplius is a jailbreak tweak that takes your plus-sized tweets and automatically runs them through Pastie, Instapaper, and the URL shortener ‘’. The tweak plugs into the official Twitter app, as well as Tweetbot, if you prefer. TweetAmplius provides a seamless long tweet experience in iOS… Read More


Flex allows you to create your own jailbreak tweaks [Video]

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 28, 2013

Two weeks ago, we showed you an upcoming jailbreak app entitled Flex. The app, the first of its kind, allows every day users to dig into the code, and create custom jailbreak tweaks — called patches — on the fly, with little to no programing knowledge.

Usually when you encounter ambitious apps like this, something is missing. Either the app looks amazing, but fails in execution, or the app looks a hot mess, but is solid from an executional perspective. With Flex, I was happy to find little compromise in either direction. It’s a beautifully designed jailbreak app that’s extremely functional as well.

To be frank, not everyone agrees that end-users should be able to wield such power, especially those with no programing background. Ultimately, that’s going to be a decision you’re going to have to make when considering whether or not to use Flex.

Wherever you stand, you have to be impressed that such an idea has been executed with this level of precision. Take a look at our full video walkthrough of the Flex beta in action, and see for yourself. Read More


How to jailbreak iOS 6.1 final using RedSn0w 0.9.15b3

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 28, 2013

Let me just preface this by telling you this is probably not the jailbreak you have been anticipating, but for the sake of being completionists, we are showing you how to jailbreak a pre-A5 device using the final public version of iOS 6.1.

As you know, the final version of iOS 6.1 just dropped for all devices, and that means that Sunday, we should probably expect a jailbreak of the untethered variety to hit all iOS 6.1 compatible devices outside of the obstinate Apple TV 3 (update: we now know the jailbreak will be called evasi0n). In the interim, however, for those of you wishing to jailbreak Apple’s latest firmware on a pre-A5 device, we’ll show you how.

Check inside for the full video and written tutorial that guides you step-by-step through the process. Read More


How to prepare for the iOS 6.1 untethered jailbreak

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 28, 2013

It’s almost here, ladies and gentlemen. I know we say this before every jailbreak, but this truly is the most highly anticipated jailbreak to ever hit the community.

Just consider it for a minute: There a more devices supported with this jailbreak than ever before, and there are perhaps many people out there that have never had a taste of jailbreaking before who are anticipating their first time.

Couple this with the fact that it’s been a very long time since we’ve had a jailbreak to begin with, and you can kind of see where I’m going with this. We’re all very excited, but don’t get into so much a frenzy that you forget to cover some essential basics when it comes to preparing for the iOS 6.1 jailbreak. Be prepared, and take these steps. Read More


It looks like Sunday is Funday

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 28, 2013

Oh how we love this time of year. iOS 6.1 was just released, in what is widely expected to be the last step that the hacking team behind the upcoming jailbreak needs to proceed.

To further intensify the aticipation, MuscleNerd, 1/4 of the team making up the evad3rs, just teased about the possible day in which we could see the jailbreak released. What are you doing this weekend? Read More


Will Cydia packages need to be updated for the iPhone 5’s larger screen? Not necessarily

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 28, 2013

A lot of folks have been wondering what kind of impact the larger screen of the iPhone 5 will have on their favorite Cydia packages. According to Saurik, the creator of Cydia, the impact should be negligible.

One of the things that I really appreciate about Saurik, is that he’s never too busy to take the time to explain his position, an idea, or to clear up a misconception. That’s exactly what he did when a Reddit user complained about the potential lack of iPhone 5 compatible Cydia software… Read More


Cydia developers rush to update their apps and tweaks as iOS 6.1 jailbreak looms

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 28, 2013

One way that I can always tell that a jailbreak is getting ready to be released, is when I see a bunch of apps and tweaks being updated to support the latest major firmware. That’s exactly what’s happened in the past, and that’s exactly what’s happening right now.

Since there’s been no untethered jailbreak for iOS 6.x, most developers haven’t bothered to update their tweaks and apps to support this firmware. Makes sense. That is all about to change, as soon as this week, even. Hence, many devs are scrambling to get the needed updates out to support the latest version of iOS. Read More


Sentry teases video for upcoming ‘iOS MiniPlayer’ tweak

By Mike Schnier on Jan 24, 2013

Do you love iTunes 11‘s MiniPlayer so much you wish you could just take it with you when you leave the house? If so, Sentry’s latest concept for an iOS MiniPlayer will be a dream come true.

Sentry’s iOS MiniPlayer concept is a bar-shaped widget which displays the name of the song currently playing, along with the album art and subtitles for the album and band. Tap on the title, and you’ve got basic playback controls for pause, fast forward, and rewind. There are even bars at the side of the MiniPlayer which you can drag to hide or reposition the widget… Read More


‘Revelation’ reveals masked passwords on iOS

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 24, 2013

If you find yourself forgetting a saved password in your favorite browser, whether it be Safari, Chrome, or the like, then Revelation may come to your aid. But what if you forget a saved password in something like your Gmail email account saved within iOS? Revelation can help there, too.

As you can probably tell by now, Revelation is a new jailbreak tweak that allows you to see your otherwise hidden passwords in the clear. Not only will it prevent your passwords from being masked as you type, you can also go back and reveal saved passwords in their unmasked form.

Indeed, it’s certainly a security violation, but if you find yourself up a creek without a way to reset your password, then Revelation may be a good last resort. Take a look at our video walkthrough inside, and decide if its something you might benefit from. Read More


‘PDF Printer for Safari’ adds support for Maps, soon for any app

By Mike Schnier on Jan 24, 2013

PDF Printer for Safari was a jailbreak tweak originally designed to allow users to ‘print’ from safari to PDF documents in order to neatly archive websites, but it seems the tweak has grown beyond its name.

The latest version of PDF Printer for Safari adds PrintKit integration, which is the native printing library on iOS. This library means ‘printed’ documents will save faster, users can now delete pages from the PDF on the fly, and the PDF Printer now works with the stock Maps app in iOS 5… Read More


How to hide any app without jailbreaking

By Jeff Benjamin on Jan 22, 2013

The Newsstand glitch that we told you about a few days ago has opened up a whole can of worms for various other glitches. We posted earlier about the ability to create a respring shortcut by means of the glitch, and now we’ll show you how to hide any app on your Home screen using the same technique.

The nice thing about this trick is that it doesn’t require any outside apps, websites, or anything else to work. In other words, it’s completely self contained on the iPhone. Take a look at our brief video walkthrough inside to see how it works. Read More

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