Always know what song is playing with NowPlaying on Status Bar

NowPlaying Status bar

Do you hate it when you’re listening to music, and you can’t remember the name of the song you’re listening to? This might not seem like such a problem with your own music collection, but what if you have a streaming app running in the background?

Sure, you could jump to your music player or podcasting app and check to see what was just playing or check the Lock screen, but that can get to be a pretty big disruption. If you just want to take a peek, install NowPlaying on Status Bar instead…


NowPlaying on Status Bar periodically replaces the status bar clock with the track title and artist name behind the song that’s currently playing. What makes NowPlaying on Status Bar useful is it even works with third-party streaming apps.

While this is a handy feature, NowPlaying on Status Bar doesn’t provide useful information with every streaming app in iTunes. Compatible apps have to be able to provide the track information to the Lock screen in the first place, and some apps just don’t work with it regardless. (8tracks is an example of an app that displays information on the lock screen but doesn’t currently work with the tweak.)

On the bright side, NowPlaying on Status Bar is completely free and available on the BigBoss repo in Cydia.

Since I’m stuck in Canada, I can’t test out the most popular streaming apps on my phone. Does NowPlaying work with your favorite apps? Let me know in the comments section.