‘HighlightGeneral’ is a bit goofy, but I kind of like it

highlightGeneral Featured

If you read our post that shows how to create the perfect jailbroken iPhone, then it’s pretty obvious that I have a ton of jailbroken apps and tweaks running on my iPhone. Sometimes, that can cause things to become a little foggy as far as the Settings app is concerned. Eventually, it’ll be filled to the brim with preference panels for all of the stuff you’ve installed from Cydia.

As a result, that can often make it a little difficult to quickly locate key sections within the Settings app. The General section is arguably the most popular portion of the Settings app. HighlightGeneral is a jailbreak tweak that makes this section stand out by changing its text label color from black to blue.

Is it a bit silly? Yes. Is it useful? That’s highly debatable. But I will say that I kind of like it.

Notice the blue General section

And that’s about all it does. A simple change, but one that undoubtedly makes the General section stand out amongst everything else.

I would like to see a developer eventually run with this idea, fleshing it out a bit more. Perhaps adding the ability to change any item in the Settings app, rearrange the order of the settings, change any color, etc.

What do you think about HighlightGeneral? Good idea, or bad idea?