Dropbox unveils new iPhone app: Carousel, the gallery for all your photos and videos

By Christian Zibreg on Apr 9, 2014

Cloud storage startup Dropbox today hosted a press event to update the press on its business, announce a few new initiatives and show off its new product: a dedicated photo and video management app called Carousel.

Though Dropbox has had basic photo management features in place in the web interface for some time now, these very very basic: you can browse photo thumbnails, rename individual snaps, move them between folders and more.

Unfortunately, Dropbox never adopted the concept of albums and events, which is how most people organize their snaps. Enter Carousel, a brand new iPhone application that lets you store and manage all your photos and videos… Read More


Twitter announces photo tagging, multiple photos per tweet

By Christian Zibreg on Mar 26, 2014

Following a minor update earlier this morning which added enhancements to sharing and uploading photos in its free iPhone and iPad app, the popular micro-blogging service Twitter has just announced a pair of new features that will be making their way to mobile apps.

The first one is the ability to tag people in tweeted out photos, similar to Facebook and other services, and the other lets you attach and share up to four photos in a single tweet. More on both right after the break… Read More


PhotoAlbums+ for iOS 7: move, secure, and share photos more efficiently

By Jeff Benjamin on Mar 13, 2014

I have to be honest with you and state that for whatever reason, I’ve never been a big fan of PhotoAlbums+. I’ve never been big on taking photos with my iPhone, and I certainly don’t take photos that I care about hiding from others. That being said, PhotoAlbums+ contains features that jailbreakers should definitely be aware of—features that may help your workflow when it comes to photo management on iOS.

The iOS 7 compatible version of PhotoAlbums+ just recently touched down for both the iPhone and the iPad. Check past the break as we go hands-on in our video walkthrough… Read More


How to delete all photos from your iPhone

By Sébastien Page on Feb 28, 2014

I hadn’t even started typing the title of this post that I could already imagine the comments from witty readers. Of course you know how to delete photos from your iPhone. We all do. It’s so basic even my mom can do it without having to ask for directions.

Yet, deleting pictures directly from your iPhone can be a tedious task if your ultimate goal is to batch remove hundreds, maybe even thousands of photos. In this post, we will show you how to delete photos from the iPhone photo library. We will explore the various options we have for not only deleting photos one by one, but also for deleting all pictures from an iPhone at once.

All this information applies to the iPad too. The process is exactly the same no matter if you want to delete photos from iPad or iPhone. If you want to delete photos from your iPad, just follow the instructions below and you’ll be all set.

If you think you already know it all, I encourage you to take a peek at this post because you might still learn a thing or two… Read More


How to view animated GIFs in the stock Photos App

By Jeff Benjamin on Feb 24, 2014

If you’ve ever saved an animated GIF to your iPhone’s Photos app, you’ve probably realized that the animations don’t play as normal. Instead, animated GIFs behave like static images within the Photos app, devoid of any of the animation that makes using GIFs so fun.

GIFViewer is a brand new jailbreak tweak that solves this problem. It, upon installation, allows you to view animated GIFs that are saved to the stock Photos app. Have a look at our video walkthrough inside for a demonstration of how it works. Read More


How to reduce pictures file size on iPhone

By Sébastien Page on Feb 22, 2014

Although storage space gets cheaper and cheaper, it seems we always need and want more and more. It’s particularly true if you have a 16GB iPhone. If that’s the case, storage is even more precious to you and you should try to make every MB count.

Along with music and videos, photos are probably one of the most notorious storage eaters on your iPhone. I know mine is filled with over 10 GB of pictures alone. If you’re in the same situation and you want to save some storage space on your iPhone, one of your option is to decrease the file size of your iPhone pictures.

As always, there is an app for that. As a matter of fact, there are probably dozens of apps for that, but the one I use is called Shrink My Pictures, an app which only purpose is to lower file size of PNG, JPEG, and GIF images while maintaining the original dimension. It might not be the prettiest one out there, but it’s the one that I found works best for me.

In this post, I will show you how to reduce pictures file size on iPhone using Shrink My Pictures in order to regain some storage space on your device… Read More


How to resize a picture on iPhone

By Sébastien Page on Feb 16, 2014

Something I like about the iPhone and just about any Apple product is their simplicity. You can just pick up any of their device, and without much technical knowledge, you’re usually able to figure things out pretty quickly – my mom is the living proof of this.

Simplicity usually comes with trade offs though, and the iPhone is no different. For example, have you ever tried to precisely resize an image on your iPhone? While you can crop the image, effectively reducing its size, you can’t change the resolution of a picture to a specific size.

This is where third party apps come into play. There are many apps out there that will let you change the size of a photo on your iPhone so I’m not saying the one I used in this post is the one and only, but it’s one that I’ve found to work particularly well, and of course one that has been updated for iOS 7.

In this post, I will show you how to resize a picture on your iPhone using Image Resizer+Read More


500px iOS app updated to finally allow you to upload photos

By Cody Lee on Feb 12, 2014

500px users will be happy to hear that the photo-sharing service has updated its iOS client today, bringing the app to version 2.5. The update only includes one feature, but it’s a huge one: you can now use the mobile app to upload photos.

Up until now, you could only upload photos to 500px via the web—a major gripe with current users and big barrier-to-entry for potential users in an Instagram-era where most people take, edit and upload photos on their mobile devices… Read More


How to prevent iOS screenshots from being uploaded to Photo Stream

By Sébastien Page on Jan 18, 2014

On any given week, I take dozens of screenshots of my iPhone or iPad for either personal reason, or as part of my workflow at iDB. For each post I publish involving an app for example, there are at least two screenshots, as you can see above.

Of course, every time you take a screenshot on your iOS device, it is automatically uploaded to your iCloud Photo Stream. Over time, these screenshots can be really annoying and distracting, especially if, like me, you use your Photo Stream as the screen saver of your Apple TV.

Thankfully, a jailbreak tweak called Screenshot Dam is available to stop screenshots from uploading to Photo Stream automatically… Read More


Shoots & Leaves turns your photos into Reminders and instantly creates sharing links

By Christian Zibreg on Jan 2, 2014

With the impending demise of the popular cross-platform file-sharing app Bump, sharing your photographs with the web at large, without going through popular social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, could easily become something of a mess involving switching between multiple apps to get the job done.

Fortunately, Shoots & Leaves ($1.99 in the App Store) comes to the rescue.

As the name implies, this little gem of an app – though not a file-sharing solution per se – allows you to turn photos into tasks with a single tap and easily create URLs for your photos that can in turn be emailed, shared on the web and more, for everyone to see online.

It supports multiple image-hosting services, user-defined actions, sending to third-party apps and lots more. Have a quick look at it right after the break… Read More


Google updates Picasa, adds Google+ Auto Backup standalone Mac tool

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 30, 2013

Google has been offering its standalone Picasa Mac app for years and while it may lack ease of use and elegance of Apple’s own iPhoto and Aperture software, by no means is it a slouch.

Matter of fact, I’ve been using the program for years as my primary point of entry for sorting, geotagging and organizing images in folders prior to importing them to Aperture for advanced touch ups and album management.

But aside from maintenance updates, Picasa for Mac spent much of 2013 unchanged in terms of features, so much so that I began to suspect that Google could perhaps discontinue it in order to make room for a standalone Google+ Photos app for the Mac.

Instead, yesterday’s update has proven there’s still life left in Picasa. In addition to a few new features and complementary fixes, the improved Picasa also brings out a brand new standalone tool allowing you to synchronize a batch of photos and videos residing on your Mac with Google+ Photos… Read More


Siri may soon sort through your photos, new Apple invention reveals

By Christian Zibreg on Dec 26, 2013

With the ever-improving capabilities of smartphone cameras and so many great moments to capture on the go and share with your Instagram followers, browsing the hundreds – often times even thousands – of photographs in your iOS Camera Roll just to find that great shot of your significant other you’ve taken some time last year is starting to increasingly feel like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Sure, you can import iPhoto or Aperture albums or create your own ones right on your device. And yes, Apple’s improved the photo management capabilities of iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices by introducing new features in iOS 7, such as the ability to automatically group your photographs based on time taken and location.

A new patent now reveals that Apple could tap Siri to let you sort through your photos – and even tag them – just by using your voice… Read More


New ways to awesomize your Google+ Photos

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 29, 2013

Photography fans are in for a nice treat as Google today rolled out a series of photo-related announcements. iDB already told you about full size uploads and background sync, coming soon to Google+ for iOS, and the new HDR Scape effect in Google-owned Snapseed app which can deliver results comparable to high dynamic range imaging, but working from a single photo.

But Google’s only warming up. The company has also unveiled scheduled Hangouts On Air and rolled out a bunch of enhancements to Google+ Photos on the web such as Auto Awesome Movie, Auto Enhance Action and Eraser and much, much more.

I’ve got a quick rundown for you ready right after the jump… Read More


Snapseed update brings out Shadows slider and HDR Scape filter

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 29, 2013

Snapseed, the popular mobile image editing application Google acquired in September 2012 (making it a free download) is quite a piece of work.

As our resident iPhoneographer Emil wrote recently, with just a few simple steps, Snapseed can turn your dull and boring iPhone shots into beautiful and lively Fall photographs that dazzle with just the right amount of color, saturation, emphasis and detail.

As part of its ‘A Morning With Google+’ event which revealed interesting developments on the Google+ iOS front, the Internet giant just started shipping a new version of Snapseed which comes with a cool new filter and the ‘Shadows’ image tuning option.

Important caveat: avoid this update if you’re not running iOS 7… Read More


Google+ iOS app to get full-res uploads, background sync

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 29, 2013

The Internet giant’s ‘A Morning with Google+’ event is underway and the company’s just made it official: the Google+ app for the iPhone and iPad will soon be updated with the ability to upload full resolution images to Google+ Photos, previously Picasa Web Albums and now part of Google’s social thing.

Another new feature being mentioned is support for Background Refresh in iOS 7 which will allow the application to automatically synchronize your photos in the background, even when it’s not running.

Currently, background photo sync only works if you have the app open… Read More


Apple TV 6.0 is out: iTunes Radio, AirPlay from iCloud, iTunes music purchases, more

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 20, 2013

Following today’s launch of the new iPhone 5s/5c and Wednesday’s public release of iOS 7, Apple on Friday issued a major new software update to its “hobby project,” the $99 Apple TV streaming set-top box. The company’s been testing a companion Apple TV update since announcing iOS 7 at June’s WWDC.

We previously caught glimpses of some of the new features such as AirPlay enhancementsautomatic device configuration over Bluetooth, custom subtitles and Conference Room Mode for presenters. All of these goodies – and then some – are now readily available to Apple TV owners.

Go past the fold for the full details on iCloud Photos and Videos, iTunes Music Store purchases, Podcasts, AirPlay from iCloud and other Apple TV enhancements… Read More


Camera+ update brings exposure compensation, additional sharing options and more

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 18, 2013

My favorite iOS camera app, Taptaptap’s Camera+, has received a major, major update this morning. In addition to the flattened appearance that removes clutter and gets rid of skeuomorphism in favor of iOS-friendly look and feel, Camera+ 4 can now (finally) post images to social services beyond Facebook, Twitter and Flickr.

Specifically, you can publish your touch ups to Instagram, Evernote and Dropbox. Also new: the ability to print images wirelessly using any AirPrint-compatible printer connected to the same network as your iPhone, iPod touch and iPad device and more.

We’re only getting started so I’ve included the full list of changes and enhancements in Camera+ 4.0 right past the fold… Read More


iPhone 5s photo gallery

By Cody Lee on Sep 10, 2013

As expected, Apple unveiled two new smartphones today. The first was the plastic iPhone 5c, and the second the iPhone 5s. And if you’ve been paying attention to the rumor mill over the past several months, there shouldn’t have been any surprises.

The 5c comes in various bright colors, and is equipped with hardware comparable to that of the iPhone 5. And the 5s of course looks very similar to its predecessor, but it includes a faster processor, better camera and a built-in fingerprint sensor.

You have to admit that even though it sports the same design as last year, and new features were kept to a minimum, the iPhone 5s is still a very impressive handset–both from a design and performance standpoint. Here, take a look at this gallery… Read More


Check out these gorgeous photos taken with the new iPhone 5s

By Cody Lee on Sep 10, 2013

Apple likely disappointed spec-watchers everywhere when it announced today that it kept the camera on the iPhone 5s at 8-megapixels. This means that, on paper at least, the handset is inferior to those with 12, 13 and 41mp sensors.

But as you’ll see in these sample photos, taken with an actual iPhone 5s, that’s just not the case. With its five-element Apple-designed lens, F2.2 aperture and 15% larger active sensor area, the 5s will hold its own among the best of them… Read More


Apple patent shows Aperture-like iPad photo interface

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 29, 2013

Apple may be preparing a new look for iPad-based photo manipulation apps, according to a 2011 patent application just now uncovered. When first filed in the U.S., the application describing a new slider-based user interface did not include Apple as the owner, allowing the invention to fly under the radar until now.

In a detailed explanation, the filing describes a user interface with multiple sliders, pop-up menus and image previews allowing tablet owners to see how changes affect their final product. The interface appears unlike that now offered in the iOS 7 Photos app or the iPhoto iOS app (a $4.99 download)… Read More

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