Review: ‘Quarter’ portable battery has MagSafe port

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 7, 2015

China-based Beaver Electronics Co. recently unveiled a reasonably priced portable juice pack with buttonless design that after 15 minute of fast-charging holds enough juice to fully recharge an iPhone 5s. In fact, the Quarter recharges any mobile device via USB.

Surprisingly, through its built-in MagSafe 2 port the Quarter charging its 5,000mAh internal battery via the MacBook’s MagSafe wall charger takes under an hour. The company kindly provided me a review unit that I tested out over the past week, here’re my impressions. Read More


How to quickly trash all emails on iPhone and iPad

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 6, 2015

Apple Mail in iOS 9 brings out a trio of major enhancements making the app more useful than ever: document attachments, intelligent searching with Proactive and enhanced multitasking features on the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 4 and iPad Pro.

Aside from these headline enhancements, Mail in iOS 9 includes a couple nice-to-haves, among them an easily overlooked feature to quickly delete all your emails in an inbox with just a few taps. This can save you a lot of time and help tame your inbox.

In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to trash all your messages in Mail in one go. Read More


Apple adding ‘Shopping’ category to iOS App Store

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 6, 2015

Two days after it’s updated the tvOS App Store on the new Apple TV with a Categories section, Apple is now rolling out a brand new section in the App Store for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad apps: Shopping.

TechCrunch is reporting today that in addition to listing apps with built-in support for its mobile payments service, Apple Pay, the Shopping section will include other shopping-themed apps with emphasis on product reviews, price comparisons, auctions and more. Read More


Some users are complaining about Touch ID issues after updating to iOS 9.1

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 6, 2015

A growing number of iPhone and iPad users are taking to Apple’s Support Communities forums to complain about slow or unreliable Touch ID performance after applying Apple’s iOS 9.1 software update to their devices.

In addition to slow response times and unreliable performance, other issues plaguing an unknown number of users include Touch ID stopping working altogether on their iOS 9.1 devices. Read More


Facebook launches Music Stories with Spotify and Apple Music integration

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 5, 2015

Facebook is announcing today a brand new feature called Music Stories, basically a new post format for Facebook that should make it easier to discover and share music from Spotify and Apple Music.

Now every time you share songs or albums shared from Spotify or Apple Music using Facebook’s iPhone application, these links will automatically get turned into the new post format which lets others listen to 30-second previews while on Facebook. Read More


Rayman Fiesta Run for iPhone and iPad slashed to $0 in Apple’s Free App of the Week promo

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 5, 2015

Since its November 2013 debut, Ubisoft’s Rayman Fiesta Run has only gone free briefly through an in-app promotion within the Expedia app.

That’s why Apple’s editorial team has decided it was high time to permit everyone to download this game to their devices at no charge, so they’ve made Rayman Fiesta Run free until next Thursday.

This marks the first time the fast-paced platformer has been slashed to zero bucks in the App Store. Taking cues from Rayman Jungle Run, Rayman Fiesta Run has you jumping, flying, punching, running up the walls and more in the wacky new Fiesta world. Read More


Flickr’s refreshed iOS app goes beyond 3D Touch with 3D Touch Extended

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 5, 2015

Flickr today updated its free iPhone and iPad application in the App Store with full support for iOS 9’s Spotlight Search, Universal links and 3D Touch on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus smartphones.

It’s of particular interest that the app goes beyond 3D Touch Home screen shortcuts and Peek and Pop gestures with something they’re calling 3D Touch Extended. Read More


Google Drive gets better with sharing notifications and more

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 5, 2015

Google has updated its Drive cloud storage client for iOS with mobile notifications when files or folders are shared, or when someone requests access to a file you own.

The change allows for a more consistent sharing experience across platforms and includes enhancements such as jumping directly to a shared file by tapping on the notification banner and providing a custom message when sharing a file or folder with others. Read More


The Room Three hits the App Store

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 4, 2015

Following the success developer Fireproof Games has seen with The Room and The Room Two, it’s now posted the third installment in the series to the App Store. Following the established naming convention, the game is aptly titled The Room Three and priced at $4.99 a pop.

For those who haven’t played Fireproof’s BAFTA award winning Room games yet, the physics-based puzzle series challenges you to navigate the trials devices located on a deserted island by rotating, zooming and examining dozens of artifacts in order to discover their hidden secrets. Read More


Apple releases iOS 9.2 beta 2 with AT&T Wi-Fi Calling for public beta testers

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 4, 2015

If you’re signed on for the Apple Beta Software Program, you can now take iOS 9.2 beta 2, which was released yesterday, for a spin on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad.

The second beta of the forthcoming iOS 9.2 software update delivers additional fixes and enhancements for the Apple Watch, Audio, Networking and Safari, while enabling AT&T Wi-Fi Calling on the Mac. Read More


iOS 9 is now powering two-thirds of Apple’s mobile devices in the wild

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 4, 2015

Apple’s iOS 9 mobile operating system is now installed on two out of each three iPhone, iPod touch and iPad devices in the wild just a little over a month and a half following its September 16, 2015 release.

According to the official stats available through the company’s App Store dashboard for developers, iOS 9 is now powering 66 percent of Apple’s mobile devices in active use versus the adoption rate of 61 percent recorded just two weeks ago. Read More


Review: Emojify turns your photos into emoji artwork, ASCII art and more

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 3, 2015

Have you ever wanted to effortlessly create a collage of emoji emoticons from your own photos? As in, with just a few taps and no prior Photoshop knowledge whatsoever?

I’m a big sucker for ASCII art and there certainly is no shortage of such apps in the App Store, but I wanna move beyond ASCII and have the freedom to create collages based on my iPhone’s emoji keyboard.

I’m also interested in experimenting with app icons and other icons sets. If you’re anything like me, you’ll want to check out Emojify, a cool iPhone app by Singapore-based studio called VoidWorks.

With Emojify, you can quickly turn your pixels into pieces of art comprised of a bunch of tiny icons and emoji characters, and even export them in high-resolution to create stunning 20-by–20 inch prints. Read More


Tweetbot 4.1 is out with support for Apple Watch

By Cody Lee on Nov 3, 2015

The folks at Tapbots on Tuesday issued an update for their popular Twitter client Tweetbot 4, bringing the iOS app to version 4.1. The update brings about a number of fixes for bugs including timeline jumping and in-app browser issues, as well as proper Apple Watch support.

With Tweetbot on Apple Watch, you can view your ‘Activity’ feed—which shows things like @ Tweets, Favorited (or liked) Tweets and new followers—and reply to those notifications. You can also Favorite Tweets, reply to Direct Messages and compose Tweets using voice dictation.

Read More


For better or worse, Twitter’s Stars and Favorites are now Hearts and Likes

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 3, 2015

So you’ve been starring and favoriting tweets for later use in your favorite Twitter client, just like many other die-hard Twitter fans do? Well, starting today all those Stars and Favorites shall be presented henceforth as Hearts and Likes, the micro-blogging startup unexpectedly announced today.

The rebranding effort is meant to permit Twitter fans to show how they feel on Twitter “without missing a beat,” but already the change seems to have drawn ire and ridicule from hardcore fans of the service. Read More


Google rolling out Smart Replies to Gmail’s Inbox app later this week

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 3, 2015

The Gmail team’s Inbox mobile email client, which was born out of Google’s 2012 acquisition of the popular iPhone email app Sparrow, is about to get a whole lot smarter with a new feature called Smart Reply, the company announced on the Gmail blog Tuesday.

The feature analyzes your emails and uses machine learning to recognize emails that need responses and then generates the natural language responses on the fly. Read More


Procreate gains support for iPad Pro, Apple Pencil features and more

By Christian Zibreg on Nov 2, 2015

Procreate by Savage Interactive, the popular sketching and painting app, was refreshed today in the App Store with more than a dozen new features, among them specific ones aimed at the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil which are scheduled to launch later this month.

Procreate 3, a free update for existing owners, now allows for up to 16K canvases on the iPad Pro, with its 128 brushes taking full advantage of pressure sensitivity, tilt detection and palm rejection provided by the Apple Pencil. All told, this edition of Procreate packs in over a hundred new features and refinements. Read More


iPad Pro reportedly launching Wednesday, November 11

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 30, 2015

The iPad Pro is still listed on Apple’s website with a vague November launch date and now a new report by 9to5Mac is alleging that the Cupertino firm is planning on unleashing the 12.9-inch tablet upon the public on Wednesday, November 11.

The iPad Pro, which starts at $799 for the Wi-Fi-only model with thirty-two gigabytes of storage, has an ultra high-resolution screen with much improved touch latency, four speakers, the powerful Apple-designed A9X processor, the new Smart Connector for connecting and charging the Smart Keyboard without needing Bluetooth pairing, and more. Read More


EDGE Extended is free for a limited time

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 30, 2015

Remember Edge, a puzzle game developed by Mobigame? Originally released in the App Store in December 2008, it was one of the best looking, most addictive and innovative games available on the iPhone at the time.

The highly popular title was followed by the official sequel, called Edge Extended, which made its App Store debut in August 2011. Edge Extended has gone free briefly just once since its inception and now Mobigame has discounted the game to zero bucks for a limited time to celebrate the launch of the new Apple TV. Read More


Minimal puzzler ‘rop’ goes free as Apple’s App of the Week

By Cody Lee on Oct 29, 2015

Heads up gamers, Apple has just named MildMania’s ‘rop‘ its App of the Week for this week. This means that from now through next Thursday, you can pick up the popular puzzler for free for both iPhone and iPad, a $1 savings over its usual price.

For those who haven’t played it, rop is described as a mind-bending, minimal puzzler with nearly 200 beautiful levels. In each of those levels, you must rearrange the different pieces of rope on a hexagonal grid to match the shape that you are given. Read More


Google launches YouTube Red, charges iOS users Apple tax

By Christian Zibreg on Oct 29, 2015

Following its official announcement less than two weeks ago, Google today formally launched a new music and video subscription service—YouTube Red.

In exchange for a monthly fee of $9.99, Red provides ad-free access to videos across all of YouTube, the ability to save clips and playlists for offline use and support for background playback. All these perks are available to Red members users across desktop, mobile and the web.

Due to Apple’s 30 percent cut on In-App Purchases, Google has decided to raise Red’s subscriptions on iOS devices to $12.99 per month in order to compensate for the Apple tax. A free 30-day trial of YouTube Red (US only) is available to those who want to try out the service and see if it’s worth the asking price to them. Read More

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