iPhone 5s is top-seller in the US with iPhone 5c close behind

By Ed Sutherland on Oct 4, 2013

Apple’s new iPhone 5s became the top-selling smartphone in the US during September. New numbers show the 5s and 5c were among the top three smartphones sold by all four major domestic carriers.

Helped along by record sales, the iPhone 5s also replaced Samsung’s Galaxy S4 as the best-selling smartphone among AT&T, Verizon, Sprint and T-Mobile, according to Canaccord Genuity Friday… Read More


Phil Schiller calls out Samsung for benchmark ‘shenanigans’

By Cody Lee on Oct 1, 2013

Apple’s senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller is at it again, stirring the pot via his Twitter again. Earlier this year he called out Android for its staggering malware problem, and today he put Samsung in his sights.

This morning, Schiller tweeted out a link to an ArsTechnica article called ‘Galaxy Note 3’s benchmarking “adjustments” inflate scores by up to 20%.’ And the SVP calls ‘shenanigans’ on Samsung’s attempt to pad its benchmark scores… Read More


In response to copycat claims, Samsung posts history of gold phones

By Cody Lee on Sep 29, 2013

Last week, Samsung beefed up its marketing efforts for the Gold Edition of its Galaxy S4 smartphone. The handset technically launched back in late August, but the timing of its new advertising push spawned some negative PR.

The company’s highlighting of the gold S4 a week after Apple unveiled its gold iPhone brought about ‘copycat’ accusations—something the tech giant has been found guilty of on several occasions. But Samsung says that’s not the case… Read More


Samsung shockingly launches gold Galaxy S4

By Christian Zibreg on Sep 25, 2013

It’s not surprising the slightest bit that gold colorway is becoming all the rage in cellphones. That’s almost single-handedly due to Apple offering its flagship iPhone 5s in gold, in addition to silver and space gray finishes.

Somewhat surprising: Samsung following in Apple’s footsteps by offering the flagship Galaxy S4 in gold – after the fact. “Elegance is a touch of gold,” reads Samsung’s tagline for a phone “style that’s uniquely yours”.

Fast follower, indeed… Read More


New iPhones could fuel 28 percent jump in Apple’s Christmas quarter sales

By Ed Sutherland on Sep 19, 2013

Although Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c don’t hit shelves until tomorrow, we already have a glimpse into how the new smartphones will boost sales. Judging by pre-sales that began last week, Apple could see a 28 percent jump in fiscal fourth quarter sales, according to one Wall Street observer.

In a note to clients yesterday, a Morgan Stanley analyst said the two handsets could propel iPhone sales of 34.5 million phones during the fiscal fourth quarter, up from 26.9 million units during the same period last year… Read More


Apple and Samsung responsible for 55 percent jump in mobile display profits

By Ed Sutherland on Aug 26, 2013

When Apple or Samsung score a win, leading the cheering section may be all the parts manufacturers building components for the popular smartphones. A case in point: mobile display manufacturers, who saw a 55 percent jump in profits between 2012 and 2013.

Increased demand for iPhone and Galaxy handsets meant revenue of $33.3 billion for the mobile display device industry in 2013, according to researcher NPD Display Search. The two handset makers are also driving demand for more complex mobile device technology, including AMOLED screens predominantly used on Samsung devices and TFT LCDs found on iOS devices… Read More


T-Mobile sold 900K iPhones, 600K Galaxy S4s last quarter

By Cody Lee on Aug 8, 2013

Last night, T-Mobile announced its financials for its second quarter, and the numbers were fantastic. The carrier added more than 1 million new subscribers, and sold over 4 million smartphones during the 3-month period.

In the press release, the company wouldn’t say how many of those 4 million phones were iPhones, only that the handset made up about 29% of their sales. During the conference call, though, it was much more forthcoming… Read More


Samsung targets wavering iPhone users in new Galaxy S4 ad

By Cody Lee on Jul 29, 2013

Samsung has posted a new Galaxy S4 TV spot to its YouTube channel this afternoon. The ad, titled ‘Ready for Takeoff,’ follows the company’s recent advertising trend, depicting a man using his S4 in public that eventually gets surrounded by interested onlookers.

This particular ad seems to target iPhone users more than Samsung’s previous commercials, though, as it co-stars an iPhone owner who seems very interested in the S4, but says he likes a “simple phone” and worries about the complications of switching. Watch… Read More


High-end smartphone market gone, warns analyst

By Ed Sutherland on Jul 22, 2013

Welcome to the commoditization of smartphones, or the Emachining of the iPhone. As the handsets move from only the hands of first-adopters to something even your grandma owns, prices are plummeting. It is to the point where one analyst declares the end of the high-end smartphone gold rush.

The average price of a smartphone has fallen nearly $100 in the past year as consumers dismiss talk of 4G and other technical debates, concentrating on just one question: is it good enough and within reach of their wallet… Read More


Is iPhone 5 ‘most hated’ or have rivals hijacked Apple’s message?

By Ed Sutherland on Jul 12, 2013

Judging from last week’s online chatter over whether people hate the iPhone 5 or love Samsung’s Galaxy S4, you’d have thought the tech press had returned to high school, where the halls are filled with BFFs and everyone dots their ‘i’ with hearts.

However, there is some actual news coming from that torrent of tweets and Facebook posts.

Apple, long admired for its tight control of information, is great at talking up its brand, but does little to guide the conversation once a product is launched. Hence, the iPhone 5 ‘most hated’ drivel… Read More


Tasting Apple’s bitter pill: Samsung’s smartphone growth story running its course

By Ed Sutherland on Jul 5, 2013

In an age of demand for simple, inexpensive smartphones, big is not always better. The latest example is Samsung, viewed until recently as the Asian Apple, it’s Galaxy smartphones keeping Android from sinking into mediocrity. After snickering at the iPhone maker’s spate of bad luck on Wall Street, Samsung Friday lost 3.6 percent of its stock value amid a disappointing quarterly forecast.

With 70 percent of its profits coming from mobile devices, Samsung is in the same leaky boat as Apple. Addicted to high profits from sales of expensive smartphones built cheaply, Samsung Friday forecast $8.3 billion in profit during the second quarter, lower than the $8.9 billion Wall Street expected.

Since early June, the South Korean firm’s stock value has lost $34.2 billion, the market capital of Sony and LG combined, according to one report… Read More


Samsung lambasts Siri dictation in weirdest Galaxy S4 ad yet

By Christian Zibreg on Jul 5, 2013

I appreciate memorable, creative advertising as much as the next guy, but I just don’t get a new Galaxy S4 commercial Samsung is airing in Iceland.

Instead of focusing on the handset’s features or the usual iPhone bashing, this time around Samsung’s creative agency has gone over the top in depicting a guy trying to make a phone call on a real apple.

Realizing swiping across fruit makes no sense, the ad then switches to a happy scene where our hero operates a Galaxy S4. The not-so-subtle jab at Apple is plain weird, to put it mildly. I know ads are supposed to take into account the often vast cultural differences across markets, but I’m not sure Samsung did itself a favor with this particular commercial… Read More


Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 beats nine-month-old iPhone 5 in speed and battery life tests

By Ed Sutherland on Jun 28, 2013

Samsung’s latest smartphone, the Galaxy S4, won top honors in a series of tests conducted by a UK-based consumer research organization called Which?. The organization found that Samsung’s Galaxy S4 topped Apple’s iPhone 5 and other competitors when it comes to speed, call time and Internet use.

Apple’s nine-month-old handset led in just one test: time required to recharge… Read More


Judge denies adding Galaxy S4 to Apple suit

By Christian Zibreg on Jun 27, 2013

Apple’s plan to add Samsung’s flagship Galaxy S4 smartphone to its second California suit has just hit a major roadblock as U.S. Magistrate Judge Paul S. Grewal just denied Apple’s request on the ground that it would be a “a tax on the court’s resources”. A lawyer for Apple told the judge that excluding the Galaxy S4 “would require Apple to file a new lawsuit” because the Samsung products covered by the case will be out of date by trial next year, Bloomberg reported Thursday… Read More


Japanese court confirms dismissal of Apple patent suit against Samsung

By Ed Sutherland on Jun 25, 2013

A Japanese court Tuesday denied an appeal by Apple over the iPhone maker’s arguments Samsung infringed a patent. The Tokyo-based Intellectual High Court agreed with an earlier court ruling which found the South Korean firm had not infringed upon Apple’s patent on syncing data with smartphones and tablets.

The appeal rejection comes just a week after another Tokyo court handed Apple a patent-infringement victory against Samsung. In that case, Apple used its separate “rubber band” patent to successfully claim earlier models of the Galaxy smartphone were at fault. Japan is one of the few markets where Apple leads its rival in both tablet and smartphone sales… Read More


Samsung reportedly cutting Galaxy S4 production, S3 going in early retirement

By Ed Sutherland on Jun 21, 2013

The unstoppable advance of Samsung may have hit a bump in the road. A report from South Korean claims the Apple smartphone rival plans to reduce production of its just-released Galaxy S4 by 10-15 percent, while sending the S3 to an early retirement.

The South Korean-based firm also believes the flagship Galaxy S4 won’t be able to increase its share of the smartphone market alone, requiring a range of new models to do the job, the Thursday report claimed… Read More


Samsung’s Galaxy S4 dead in the water

By Ed Sutherland on Jun 7, 2013

Following clickbait dead-in-the-water headlines which spelled doom for Apple on overzealous analysts projecting overly optimistic iPhone sales, it’s now Samsung’s turn to feel Wall Street’s wrath. So, is Samsung’s smartphone business running out of steam?

That’s the question Wall Street is pondering as investors punish the South Korean firm after orders for its flagship Galaxy S4 had supposedly dropped by as much as thirty percent.

Friday, Samsung shares slid by more than six percent after more than $12 billion was sliced from the Android maker’s market capitalization. Can Samsung stop the downward spiral, perhaps offering a stock buyback as Apple did? Or are we seeing only the latest signs of an industry-wide slowdown in demand?

Either way, the old saying about people living in glass houses seems all the more pertinent… Read More


Galaxy S4 not hurting ‘resilient’ US iPhone sales

By Ed Sutherland on May 31, 2013

Listening to much of the tech press, you might get the impression Samsung’s new Galaxy S4 would further erode Apple’s share of the smartphone market. One Wall Street firm ended the week on a contrary note, telling investors iPhone sales in North America “remain resilient” and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 is only selling slightly better than its predecessor.

The analyst firm Detwiler Fenton expects Apple will sell a cool thirty million iPhones during the June quarter amid expectation the nine-month-old handset would lose market share to its South Korean rival… Read More


After Samsung makes Smart Scroll popular, Apple renews gaze detection work

By Ed Sutherland on May 30, 2013

Apple apparently is renewing efforts to add the ability for the iPhone to detect whether or not it has your rapt attention. It’s not enough that you’re holding the smartphone, the company now wants to be sure you are looking at the phone’s screen.

Originally seen as a way to save battery life, iPhone gaze detection may be Apple’s latest bid to keep up with rival Samsung.

Apple’s patent application, filed in 2013, adds to an earlier 2008 filing and describes ‘Electronic Devices with Gaze Detection Capabilities.’

The technology uses the iPhone’s front-facing camera along with the device’s accelerometer to detect when you look away from the screen or put the phone down. Glancing away would automatically pause any running videos while also dimming the screen… Read More


Apple claims Google Now violates its Siri patents, adds Galaxy S4 to suit

By Christian Zibreg on May 22, 2013

A week ago, news broke that Apple mulled adding Samsung’s latest Galaxy S4 flagship smartphone to its patent infringement case against Samsung Electronics. It’s not terribly surprising then that Apple has now filed a motion asserting that both the Internet giant’s head-turning Google Now feature and Samsung’s Galaxy S4 handset violate its two Siri patents and five other inventions… Read More

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