T-Mobile sold 900K iPhones, 600K Galaxy S4s last quarter

T-Mobile iPhone launch line

Last night, T-Mobile announced its financials for its second quarter, and the numbers were fantastic. The carrier added more than 1 million new subscribers, and sold over 4 million smartphones during the 3-month period.

In the press release, the company wouldn’t say how many of those 4 million phones were iPhones, only that the handset made up about 29% of their sales. During the conference call, though, it was much more forthcoming…

As noted by CNET, during its earnings call with investors and analysts, T-Mobile executives said the company sold 900,000 iPhones during its second quarter. That matches up with previous estimates based on Q1 numbers.

iPhone 5 now on T-Mobile

But the iPhone wasn’t the only smartphone success story for T-Mobile during the June quarter. The carrier says it also sold more than 600,000 Galaxy S4s. The handset launched at the beginning of the quarter, in late April.

T-Mobile also introduced new contract-free price plans during the period, as well as a new device upgrade program. It also rolled out its LTE network to its first markets, and completed the acquisition of regional carrier MetroPCS.

Skeptics have suggested that the combination of all of these things attributed to a one-time hit quarter for T-Mobile, and that it won’t happen again. But the company’s CEO John Leger believes that this is all just the beginning.