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Google bogged down with shipping Pixels, demand at Best Buy not a tenth of that for iPhone 7

Since launching its Pixel and Pixel XL smartphones in early-October 2016, Google’s learned that real artists ship—the firm’s done a poor job at shipping its latest and greatest phones which received glowing reviews due to their excellent cameras, built-in Google Assistant and other nice features. The company may have grossly underestimated demand for the larger 5.5-inch Pixel XL models.

One visit to its online store is enough to realize Google is struggling to meet consumer demand for its iPhone 7 rival. Regardless of the color option, both 32GB and 128GB models of Pixel XL are currently out of stock at the Google online store, said The Verge.

Pixels are only offered in 32 and 128 gigabytes and the 128GB one hasn’t been in stock since November 30. Separately, AppleInsider learned from a source at Best Buy, which only sells 32GB Pixel models, that demand for Pixel isn’t a tenth of that for iPhone 7.

Deal: Best Buy is taking up to $200 off Apple Watch ahead of WWDC

I wonder what kind of profits Best Buy is seeing with deep Apple Watch discounts, but here it goes: for a limited time, the electronics retailer is shaving up to $200 off certain Apple Watch models.

The sale is offered on both the entry-level aluminum Apple Watch Sport and the mid-level stainless steel Apple Watch models. Additionally, certain third-party bands are currently available from Best Buy with a savings of anywhere from $4 to $30.

Deal: Best Buy is offering iPhone 6s on a Sprint contract for $1, a savings of $199

Best Buy is running a new promotion that might interest those who’re in the market for an entry-level iPhone 6s. Just this week, the consumer electronics retailer is offering the entry-level iPhone 6s with sixteen gigabytes of storage for just $1.

The U.S.-only promotion requires would-be iPhone 6s shoppers to sign a two-year contract with wireless carrier Sprint or commit themselves to one of Sprint’s monthly installment plans that don’t require signing a long-term contract.

Best Buy sale discounts Apple Watch, iPad Pro, Macs, Beats headphones and more

As part of its four-day weekend sale, Best Buy is offering some rather deep discounts on a range of Apple products, including the stainless steel Apple Watch, 12.9-inch iPad Pro, Mac notebooks (including the latest-generation MacBook Air) and iMac desktops, Beats 1 headphones and more.

Both 38mm and 42mm editions of the stainless steel Apple Watch can now be had with a cool discount of up to $200 and free shipping. The promotion brings the 38mm Apple Watch model with a Black Sport Band from its regular asking price of $540 down to just $349, the lowest price for that model we’ve seen.

Deal: Best Buy has sweet discounts on iPhone SE, iPhone 6s, 9.7″ iPad Pro and Apple Watch

If you’re thinking about getting an iPhone SE or Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro, you might want to check out the new promotions over at Best Buy. The electronics retailer is currently offering notable discounts and deals on both devices, as well as on the iPhone 6s and Apple Watch.

For starters, if you purchase and activate an iPhone SE with a two-year contract and sign up for a free My Best Buy Mobile account, they’ll throw in a free $50 gift card for good measure. The offer is valid if you get the device on monthly installments, too.

Those who are in the market for Apple’s new 9.7-inch iPad Pro can trade in their existing iPad 2 or newer model and receive a $100 gift card for the new model purchase.

But that’s not all.

Best Buy slashes $200-$250 off the iPad mini 3

The iPad mini 3 isn’t the best iPad mini you can buy, but it’s still pretty good at what it does. Not only does it feature a modest A7 processor, but it was also the first iPad mini to feature Touch ID and support Apple Pay.

The unit has since been discontinued, after being replaced by the iPad mini 4, but at $200-$250 off, it’s worth considering, especially when it’s being used by someone who doesn’t necessarily need to have the latest and greatest.

Apple’s recently released Beats Pill+ Wireless Speaker on sale at Best Buy for nearly $100 off

When it comes to deals, Best Buy is far and away the spot that you want to be this winter. I’m never one to get caught up in so-called deals, and generally find them to be a bit underwhelming, but there’s no denying that you can rack up some significant savings by shopping for Apple Products at Best Buy this year.

One of the latest examples of the insane savings that can be had at Best Buy is with Apple’s recently released Beats Pill+ speakers. These speakers retail for $229.95, but you can score one today for $92 off at only $137.99. That’s a huge savings, especially for an Apple product that was just released.

Best Buy offering Apple’s 12″ Retina MacBook for $300 off

Best Buy is now offering Apple’s super-svelte and forward-thinking 12″ Retina MacBook for only $999. That’s $300 off the original $1299 asking price.

This is definitely one of the best deals that I’ve seen thus far, and it even eclipses many of the iPad and Apple Watch deals that we’ve seen. If you’re in the market for an ultra-portable machine, then the 12″ MacBook should definitely be on your radar at this price.

Best Buy offering iPhone 6s for just $1

Best Buy has a tempting offer this holiday season, selling Apple’s entry-level iPhone 6s with sixteen gigabytes of storage for just one buck, normally $199 on-contract.

The catch? You have to sign up for a new two-year contract with Verizon or Sprint. Despite the requirement to commit your soul to Verizon or Sprint for the next 24 months, you’re still getting a fair deal on Apple’s latest handset, which starts from $649 off-contract on the Apple Online Store.

Best Buy offering $125 off iPad Air 2, $100 off iPad mini 4 right now

Folks who missed out on all of the Black Friday iPad sales will want to check out their local Best Buy today. The popular electronics retailer is currently discounting all of its iPad Air 2 models by $125, and all of its iPad mini 4 models by $100.

The promotion is available online, and it applies to both Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi + Cellular models. So for instance, you can pick up a 16GB Wi-Fi iPad Air 2 for just $375 (normally $499), or a 16GB iPad mini 4 for just $299.