Apple’s recently released Beats Pill+ Wireless Speaker on sale at Best Buy for nearly $100 off

Beats Pill Plus image 001

When it comes to deals, Best Buy is far and away the spot that you want to be this winter. I’m never one to get caught up in so-called deals, and generally find them to be a bit underwhelming, but there’s no denying that you can rack up some significant savings by shopping for Apple Products at Best Buy this year.

One of the latest examples of the insane savings that can be had at Best Buy is with Apple’s recently released Beats Pill+ speakers. These speakers retail for $229.95, but you can score one today for $92 off at only $137.99. That’s a huge savings, especially for an Apple product that was just released.

Beats Pill Plus image 004

Best Buy is selling both the white and black versions of the Beats Pill+ speakers. The Bluetooth-enabled sound system features 12-hour battery life, 3-hour recharge time, and uses a Lightning cable for charging. The speaker even has an extra USB port for charging your iPhone using the built-in battery.

I’m not sure how much longer this deal will last, so you’d be smart to head over to Best Buy now and order one of these if you’re at all interested.

  • White version
  • Black version

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