You can now buy a brand new Apple Watch for just $249

rose gold apple watch sport

You’d be hard-pressed to find a deal that tops the $100 Apple Watch instant discount Best Buy is giving to its customers. The big box electronics retailer is offering the huge discount via its online store as well as in physical locations.

Discounts are being offered on all Apple Watch models that Best Buy carries, which include models from the entry-level Sport line (aluminum) and the mid-tier Apple Watch line (stainless steel). That means that you can score the 38mm Apple Watch Sport model, the cheapest watch that Apple sells, for a mere $249.

To take advantage of the steepest Apple Watch discount that we’ve seen thus far, simply head over to Best Buy’s website. Keep in mind that rumors are swirling about a potential March 2016 reveal of the Apple Watch 2, a device that will likely add additional horsepower to the seriously underpowered wearable.

Even still, with a discount this steep, the cheapest entry-level 38mm Apple Watch Sport is worth considering in my opinion. What do you think? Do you plan on taking advantage of this stellar deal?