If you happen to have a 32-bit iOS 9.1-9.3.4 device, then you might be thrilled to learn that there’s a new jailbreak in town that supports it.

JailbreakMe 4.0 was released by iPhone hacker tihmstar on Tuesday, and it can jailbreak any iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad that meets the criteria mentioned above.

Just like browser-based jailbreak tools in the past, you need only visit the JailbreakMe 4.0 website in Safari and tap on the “Jailbreak Me” button to get started. Doing so triggers the zippy jailbreak process, and installs Cydia on your Home screen.

Furthermore, you can untether this jailbreak by adding tihmstar’s repository to your Cydia app and installing the “Community Offsets” and “UntetherHomeDepot” packages within. To add this repository to Cydia, you’ll need to use the URL provided below:


Interested in learning how it works? Tihmstar published a demonstration video on YouTube, which we’ve embedded below for your convenience:

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One of the things we can gather from the video demonstration is that JailbreakMe 4.0 may or may not work on specific devices, and tihmstar tested his jailbreak on an iPhone 4s in this video. If it doesn’t work, then tihmstar advises using the HomeDepot jailbreak tool rather than trying the JailbreakMe 4.0 tool over again.

Because most people have unsupported 64-bit devices running iOS 10 or later, tihmstar admits that his tool doesn’t have much practicality. Instead, he created it for fun so that the public could take advantage of it.

Given just how many independent jailbreak projects seem to be in the works, it’s possible that we might see another season of jailbreaking. With a light at the end of the tunnel, the jailbreak community pushes on.

Do you have any devices that you can jailbreak with JailbreakMe 4.0? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Connecting Mac User 

    Okay, I’m out. Next version of JB pls.

  • f0llows_you

    This man is very hard working. He also interacts with users, cherry on top. I never had privilege to use browser based JB. hope someone will do this with 11.1.2

  • TechnoBuff

    I can smell IOS11.1.2 in the air… it cometh soon!!

  • therealjjohnson

    iOS 9? I’ll pass.

  • Blip dude

    Hmm, I wouldn’t mind going back to the 6S Plus ?. . . Nah, I’ll pass.

  • Blip dude

    Okay, so my device didn’t suffer from that bug a few weeks but my question is, aren’t people still suffering from said bug?? Like if I downgrade back to 11.1.2, will I be at risk of having my device affected by that 12:15am time bug??

  • SpideyRules

    Who needs this again?

    • Vinnie Bones

      Ppl with old ass iPads and 5c

      • You say this now but I have an iPad 2 mounted on my wall to control my smart home tech. It’ll be nice to have a jailbreak on it.

      • Vinnie Bones

        Lol I wasn’t joking, I’m on the same boat too.. mines been collecting dust and cobwebs in the basement

  • Chris Ryan

    so sad to see such a complete lack of gratitude for the work put it in, just because it may not benefit YOU directly. This guy has done a ton for the jailbreak community and at some time or another you will need his contributions. don’t be so ignorant people!

  • David Gow

    Loving this hopefully 11.1.2 soon

  • pnh

    1990 called. They want their jailbreak back.

  • Diego

    My iPad is on 9.3.5 🙁

  • Mystic1521

    this shit worked great! thanks! so much better then connecting to a computer over and over again!