iPhone X is the first iPhone rocking a display that can be awoken with a tap, which lets you quickly check notifications, take photos, use widgets on the Lock screen and more.

The problem with Tap to Wake is that it makes it all too easy to wake your iPhone X with a simple tap, especially if you didn’t mean to do that.

Over time, those accidental taps may even drain up the handset’s battery faster than usual because Tap to Wake, after all, requires a small portion of your battery juice to function.

Thankfully, you can disable Tap to Wake.

Before we get to it, it’s worth reiterating that the instructions in this tutorial are not applicable to other iPhone, iPad or iPod touch models because Tap to Wake is exclusive to iPhone X.

How to disable Tap to Wake on iPhone X

1) Launch the Settings app.

2) Tap the section General.

3) Tap the sub-section Accessibility.

4) Slide the Tap to Wake switch to the OFF position to turn the feature off.

Now when you lock your iPhone X and try tapping the display, nothing will happen.

The user experience doesn’t change much without Tap to Wake because your iPhone X will still automatically wake the Lock screen when you pick up the handset to look at it.

That feature, known as Raise to Wake, is available on any iPhone model from iPhone 6s onward and can be turned on and off at will in Settings → Display & Brightness.

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  • SpideyRules

    I turned off raise to wake instead. Never liked it.

  • Ben$

    I like this.m feature. It is more useful than raise to wake. It will be perfect if it can tap to sleep.

  • techfreak23

    Raise to Wake would go off more unintentionally than Tap to Wake. That’s why I’ve never left that setting on because it would piss me off that my screen would turn on when I didn’t want it to. It happens occasionally with Tap to Wake, but nowhere near as much as it did with Raise to Wake. Raise to Wake probably uses just as much battery life to operate than Tap to Wake does.

  • Rahimo

    I like the rise to wake feature! it makes me feel that my device looks at me as well !!

  • hush

    Or ultimately go to settings, general, shutdown. This will make your battery last for weeks.

    • Vinnie Bones

      make sure to put it on airplane mode first

  • Vinnie Bones

    kinda cheap it’s not included in iPhone 8. don’t give me that oled crap, that feature was included in my old crappy G3

    • dquilon

      well…. you are correct that it is not a feature of oled displays, but it IS hardware dependent… and my Xperia XZ has it, but my old Z1 Compact doesn’t…. both with regular IPS LCD screens.

  • Nuno Bojar

    Why does the clock only appear for a split second? Is there a solution to see the clock until unlock?