Following a February story by Fast Company saying iPhone 8 would cost more than $1,000, maybe even $1,200 or more, The New York Times is claiming in a new report Thursday that Apple is now looking to sell its highly anticipated OLED phone “for around $999”.

According to people briefed on 2017 iPhones, Apple’s new premium handset will be priced at around $999. If true, that will almost certainly be the asking price for an entry-level iPhone 8 model. Apple is said to offer iPhone 8 in three storage capacities—64GB, 256GB and 512GB—and if history is anything to go by, each storage increment should cost an additional $100.

For comparison’s sake, Samsung’s latest Note 8 with a 6.3-inch AMOLED screen, 64 gigabytes of base storage, dual cameras with optical image stabilization and a water-resistant S Pen stylus will retail for $960 at Verizon, $930 at T-Mobile and $950 at AT&T.

All iPhone 8 devices are expected to feature a dual-lens camera on the back with optical image stabilization on both wide angle and telephoto lenses, as well as three gigabytes of RAM to support processing data from two cameras simultaneously.

The New York Times report reiterates a few other previously rumored features of Apple’s upcoming tenth anniversary handset, including a 5.8-inch screen based on OLED technology, skinnier side bezels and little or no forehead/chin on the face of the device.

“Other new features include facial recognition for unlocking the device, along with the ability to charge it with magnetic induction,” the sources said.

The Cupertino company is expected to announce the OLED iPhone, along with iterative updates for the iPhone 7/Plus family, at a media event next month, possibly on September 12.

We’re expecting invites to go out next week.

iPhone 8 marketing mockup by Industrial designer Quinton Theron

  • Juan Genao

    I was guessing 1099/ 1199 / 1299 for 64/256/512

    I still say they will want to keep the sub-$1000 prices for the 7s

    Ideas ??

    • askep3

      They won’t change the price for the 7s.

      999 or 1099 seems like the right price for these

  • Bacillus

    For that money I’d expect an all new design and a 3x better battery.
    The rest is keeping up with Samsung/2015 and some overpaid 3D camera-fun – hardly used. TouchID and homebutton were good enough (if not indispensable…)

    • Jay

      Isnt the around Note 8 $960?

      • Rowan09


    • Rowan09

      The Note 8 is the same price so when you say 2015 Samsung stuff you must be saying the same of the Note 8.

  • Jay

    Guess I’ll be grabbing the 64Gb.

  • Alex Wilson

    Price like that will seriously make me rethink my need for a new iPhone. My 6 is still working good enough and that much for “cutting edge” is just pushing me to reconsider what I really do with my phone.

  • Abhijeet Gupta

    This is gonna cost like 1300-1400$ in indian currency. Oh boy. That’s ridiculous

    • Bugs Bunnay

      Sounds too cheap. Add an extra 200 in it

  • Blip dude

    Can someone please explain to me what makes these phones (both next gen iPhone and Note 8) so special?? No, really. Besides eye-candy what is actually going to make these phones worth that price tag??? Might as well wait until the keynote to find out.

    • Rowan09

      We don’t know every about the “8” but it does seem to have some pretty interesting tech that’s not available on any other phone right now. What exactly can a phone do to be worth the price tag? I think if the 64GB is the base for that price they are making a guy mistake. They should offer 128/256/512 and then it puts the price into better perspective. The 7S Plus 128GB costs $869 so if they add the typical $100 on top (better if they do $50) we’ll get $969/$1069/$1169. At those prices it’s not as horrible for paying a little over a thousand for the 256GB (compared to current price) and $1169 for 512GB is also not horrible. My issue now is how are they going to price the 7S/S+ devices.

    • Jay

      Absolutely nothing. Everything is overpriced. No not just from apple and samsung. Everything from everyone is overpriced. Im not okay with it but getting upset about it isn’t going to purchase the things we want.

  • smtp25

    Im out S8+ is doing fine for me, Wait for the iPhone 7 it wasn’t worth it to be fair, While waiting for the IP8 got a deal on S8+.. S8+ can torrent out of the box, no JB, why did I want the iPhone again. I genuinely like iPads over Androids but this lack of JB business ..