iPhone 8

My annual return to the iPhone 8

As Apple announces their annual update to the iPhone lineup, I return to my iPhone 8. You know, it was a good year. iPhone 8 has an incredible Touch ID "button" and several other key features of the day. And while I’d love to use my iPhone 13 Pro Max all year until the newest flagship lands in my mailbox, I just can’t afford it.

Apple will provide an iPhone XR as a loaner for lengthy repair times

If you find yourself in a situation where your iPhone needs a repair, Apple is more than willing to help with that. Whether that means by forking over money up front, or handling the repair via AppleCare+. And while that's all well and good, sometimes the repair process can take some time. Which means you might need a loaner phone until the process is complete.

Teardown video: iPhone SE (2020) vs. iPhone 8 (2017)

The new iPhone SE has landed on store shelves today, and you'd be forgiven for easily mistaking it for the iPhone 8 because the two devices share virtually indistinguishable chassis. On the inside, they're nearly identical as well, sharing the same display and many other internal components. While we await until wizards over at iFixit report findings of their teardown analysis of the new iPhone SE, one Apple fan has now posted an interesting teardown video which compares the insides of the new iPhone SE with the iPhone 8, which launched in 2017.