Apple will provide an iPhone XR as a loaner for lengthy repair times

If you find yourself in a situation where your iPhone needs a repair, Apple is more than willing to help with that. Whether that means by forking over money up front, or handling the repair via AppleCare+. And while that’s all well and good, sometimes the repair process can take some time. Which means you might need a loaner phone until the process is complete.

As of right now, Apple offers an iPhone 8 as its loaner device in a situation like that. That will be changing starting the first week in November of 2021, though. That’s according to a report from MacRumors, which says, according to an internal Apple memo, the company will be switching to the iPhone XR as its go-to loaner device.

Specifically, Apple will begin offering the iPhone XR on Thursday, November 5, 2021. This will be the new rule for lengthier repair times in the United States and select other regions across the globe.

Moving to the newer handset makes sense. The iPhone XR offers newer features like Face ID, and thanks to the A12 Bionic processor under the hood it should handle performance needs without a concern. This should mean that folks won’t have to suffer through a painful loaner experience, and should keep customers happy enough while their primary device is fixed.

Apple offers up the loaner device on a short-term basis. You can check out more details on that from the company’s iPhone Loan Agreement.