Apple will provide an iPhone XR as a loaner for lengthy repair times

If you find yourself in a situation where your iPhone needs a repair, Apple is more than willing to help with that. Whether that means by forking over money up front, or handling the repair via AppleCare+. And while that's all well and good, sometimes the repair process can take some time. Which means you might need a loaner phone until the process is complete.

How to check your Apple device warranty with a special App Clip

An image showing a person sitting at their desk, holding an iPhone in their hand with the Apple Support App Clip displayed on the screen

Apple provides several ways of viewing coverage status and AppleCare+ eligibility for your iPhone, iPad, Mac and other devices, including the dedicated Apple Support app and warranty check webpage. If you don't have the full Support app installed on your device, Apple lets you check the warranty status and AppleCare+ coverage of all your devices with a special App Clip.

Servicing HomePod mini without AppleCare+ is only $20 cheaper vs. buying a new one

If you don't have optional AppleCare+ extended warranty for the HomePod mini, Apple will charge you a fee of $79 per an out-of-warranty repair of the new $99 Siri-powered speaker — which is only $20 cheaper vs. buying a new one. Apple announced the new HomePod mini a month ago in an effort to widen the addressable market for its smart speakers. The full-size HomePod wasn't updated last month and continues to retail for $299.