Stunning iPhone 8 marketing mockups look like something straight out of Jony Ive’s kitchen

We’re only a few weeks away from Apple’s September event that will serve as a launchpad for Apple’s highly anticipated tenth-anniversary handset. While the rumors have mostly revolved around possible hardware advances for the OLED iPhone model, one aspect has remained largely overlooked thus far: how Apple could market iPhone 8.

Industrial designer Quinton Theron saw to that with a batch of jaw-dropping renderings depicting possible marketing images for iPhone 8 versions in Black, White, Gold and Rose Gold, complete with a clown fish wallpaper owned by

By the way, clown fish was the default wallpaper for the original iPhone ten years ago.

The latest rumors claim that Apple abandoned an in-screen Touch ID which appears on Quinton’s renderings but that doesn’t make his iPhone 8 vision any less stunning.

Check out the additional renderings embedded below and dare tell me that Apple’s HR department shouldn’t be in contact with this guy promptly regarding immediate employment.

The more I look at Quinton’s renderings, the more I think Apple should make a ceramic white version of iPhone 8.

Oh, wait…

Say hello to iPhone 8 Edition!

“In this concept, I envision how iPhone 8 would look in Ceramic Edition,” he wrote. “This model is based on current rumors and speculation molded around my own design.”

He adapted the description from Apple’s Watch Edition webpage slightly to suit a possible iPhone 8 Edition model. The wallpaper used in this model is a cropped version of a photograph by David Doubilet, National Geographic Creative.

For the sake of completeness, it should be noted that recent rumors have suggested that the OLED iPhone will arrive in just three colors—Black, White and a new hue that’s “closer in copper” in its color and visually similar to Rose Gold devices.

So, how do you like these renderings?

If iPhone 8 looks anything resembling this concept, would you consider buying it? And how about that ceramic iPhone 8 Edition model? Would you pay a premium for it?

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