Apple’s iPhone 8 is (again) rumored to feature wireless charging and iris scanning to permit users to authenticate themselves securely with their eyes, DigiTimes reported Friday. The report, citing sources from Apple’s supply chain, adds that the Cupertino company has moved up iPhone 8 production earlier than the schedule in previous years.

According to the report, suppliers are scheduled to begin delivering parts and components for Apple’s tenth anniversary handset later in the first quarter of this year.

Apple has requested its chip suppliers and other component makers to kick off trial production and prepare inventories for iPhone 8 earlier than usual, reads the report. Deliveries of chips and parts for the upcoming iPhone models are expected to kick off in the second half of first-quarter 2017.

“Apple is more active in placing chip orders for the 2017 iPhone series, and has set more stringent inspection requirements for related chips, components, modules and mechanical parts,” according to sources.

KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo recently reiterated predictions that 2017 iPhone family would include a new OLED-based iPhone 8 model packed with the latest technologies, in addition to LCD-based iPhone 7s and iPhone 7s Plus refreshes.

Suppliers should start working on OLED panel bonding for iPhone 8 around the end of the first quarter. Samsung Display is said to be the lone provider of OLEDs for iPhone 8 until Sharp, Japan Display and LG Display being churning out OLEDs in volume.

KGI also said that iPhone 8’s 3D Touch module might be 30-50 percent costlier to build than its predecessor due to an additional graphite sheet lamination. The new layer is understood to be needed to prevent the device from overheating due to wireless charging, which increases the internal temperature of a smartphone.

FastCo said a few days ago that iPhone 8 may cost north of $1,000 due to components like a pricier OLED display with embedded sensors, an enhanced 3D Touch module, fast wireless charging, improved water resistance and other perks.

DigiTimes said last month that iPhone 8 should include enhanced Siri capabilities.

Makers in the supply chain are “generally optimistic” about the popularity of the device, the sources said. The Taiwanese trade publication claims that new iPhones are slated for launch in September 2017.

iPhone 8 concept via iDrop News.

Source: DigiTimes


  • Jamessmooth

    So iris scanning AND Touch ID imbedded under the screen? Seems like you’d only need one, but I’ll take both! We’ve arrived at the future, folks. Pretty dang cool.

    • Jamessmooth

      Others have already been doing fingerprint scanning and iris scanning for some time now.

      • Jamessmooth

        ^^^ I knew this comment was coming so I figured I get it out of the way now.

      • Gethro


      • Mike

        Haha good thing you did. I remember some people bashing on the Note 7 for having an iris scanner. Wonder what they will say now.

      • jalexcarter

        cause apple is doing it they’ll think its genius (bar) lol. yep, that was a terrible joke but im not taking it back!

    • ravinigga

      I know but still I think Touch ID is already enough.
      But hey can’t wait but I hope it’s not true that the iPhone cost over 100 the base model

  • AlphaPoppy

    Can’t wait!!

  • Rob

    Whatever it may feature of all the rumours, september can’t come soon enough!!! So excited yet so many more months to go

  • Greg S

    Concerning the wireless charging: How will I charge the iPhone when I’m in my car?

    Will cable charging be an option?

  • Abhinav Chaudhary

    Where can i get that dark wallpaper?

  • pnh

    With all of these predictions you’re all going to be disappointed when the actual iPhone 8 is introduced and doesn’t have many of them.

  • :D

    If it’ll cost more then maybe we should all go for the iPhone upgrade programme while we still can.
    Unless this is a rumour that Apple started to promote the programme…

  • So no 7s?