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Among other things, iOS 9 adds four new non-removable apps to your Home screen, one of them called News and the other three being iCloud Drive, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.

Unfortunately, folks living outside the United States are out of luck as News is US-only at launch.

Now, the forthcoming iOS 9.1 software update will officially bring News to the United Kingdom and perhaps some other markets. That being said, you can actually enable News regardless of where you live, and here’s how.

How to enable News on iOS 9 if you’re outside US

Step 1: Open the Settings application on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad with iOS 9.

Step 2: Navigate to General > Language & Region.

how to enable iOS 9 News app outside United States iPhone screenshot 001

Step 3: Now tap on Region in the Region Formats section.

Step 4: You will be presented with the list of supported iOS regions. Simply choose United States and tap Done in the upper right corner of the screen to continue.

Step 5: iOS will ask you to please confirm changing your region. Confirm by tapping the button labeled Continue.

how to enable iOS 9 News app outside United States iPhone screenshot 002

Tip: Your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad will respring in order to apply the new region setting. This can take up to a minute so don’t panic when the screen goes black.

Enabling News this way gives you access to US-specific content.

More about and Apple News

Featuring a Flipboard-like interface and taking advantage of the new and proprietary Apple News format, the new News app makes it easy to enjoy news stories from your favorite sources, without web clutter and with sleek image galleries, attractive layouts, smooth animations and so forth.

“News also combines the rich and immersive design found in print with the interactivity of digital media, letting you enjoy stunningly crafted articles that reflect the style of the publications they come from,” reads the Cupertino firm’s official News micro-site.

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The articles can come from anywhere, but the best ones are built in News format.

There are several launch parters including Conde Nast publications, ESPN, The New York Times and many others. iDownloadBlog has applied for the inclusion in News and is expecting to be listed as platform partner soon.

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  • Joost

    “iOS 9 adds four new non-removable apps to your Home screen, one of them called News and the other three being iCloud Drive, Find My iPhone and Find My Friends.”

    iCloud Drive is removable!

    OT: Can I change the region back to my own country after I’ve got the news app or will it disappear again?

    • Arnaud

      I tried this and it disappears if yo go back to your own country

    • imran khan

      But how to remove them

      • Joost

        Only iCloud Drive is removable:
        Settings -> iCloud -> iCloud Drive

      • imran khan

        thanx but what about other, as mentioned in comment…???

      • Joost

        The other three are not removable. The article states “iOS 9 adds four new non-removable apps to your Home screen” but I said iCloud Drive is removable so that makes 3 new non-removable apps..

  • Payaso

    I tried with a VPN but i was unable to access News app, through.

    An important issue. With iOS 9 i couldn’t transfer the updated version of the apps from iPhone to mac, either automatically while syncing or by the “transfer purchases from xxx” option in iTunes. A lot of people are with me in this issue…

    • ticky13

      In what world would using a VPN work? It’s based on a setting in your phone.

  • Dave Elg

    I’m in the US and have the News app. Problem is, it won’t start! I just get the “Welcome to News” message and the spinning icon at the bottom of the screen just goes around and around. Anyone else getting this? I’m on a 5S.

    • T. Allen

      Same here. That is the EXACT same thing I see.

  • InfinitePlusOne

    Could I switch back to UK afterwards and still have the news app?

    • Dexter

      Isn’t it available in the UK?

      • Linton Findlay

        I’m on 9.1 beta in the UK and news app works fine

      • numpty


    • Gaetano would then disappear. Probably will be available for the UK with iOS 9.1 – but there is nothing official yet

  • Fede777

    The problem with this is that in my country this changes they way money number and dates are displayed.

  • iCloud Drive is removable via the Settings app. And also, the iPhone doesn’t respring after changing the region. At least mine didn’t.

    It’s also odd that it’s US only, yet it has Metro as a provider, which is a UK site.

  • AllShallEnd

    The only problem I have, is, when switching my region to USA I get the Apple News app (which is great btw) but I also lose the metric system and therefore, all my apps show lbs and miles instead of kg and kilometres… Any way to change that back?

    • Anmol Chopra

      I’m not getting the news app after changing my region.
      What should I do?

      • Gaetano

        Change region to US and then reboot the iPhone. I got it that way

    • Mauricio Mascia

      Yes, go to settings > general > language and region > advanced (under region formats). Disable the automatic switch and change it to a language related to a country that uses the metric system (I’m using portuguese).

      • Gaetano

        I tried to do so but it changed just the date language and the hour format. Nothing happened to currency etc.

      • AllShallEnd

        Hi. thanks. Unfortunately, if you leave it to “German” or SOME other languages, it stays in miles and dollars. 🙁 I have no idea why.

  • Lordrootman

    How can I get idowloablog on apple News ?

    • imran khan

      good question, is news app open to outside links

  • Bolle Photographia StudioBoss


  • imran khan

    Thanx a lot, i was wondering where’s the new news app…